Thursday, 18 February 2010

Color Enhance

I love to take picture. I guess that is a "public" secret. My idea of taking picture is to treasure the moment forever, the cheap way of course. Imagine if you are travelling to many places around the world, buying souveniers probably nice, but those that I like either need to drop a few zeros behind the asking price, or does not fit inside my suitace (yes one time I wanted a water fountain!) or... simply useless (like tons of keychain when you only have 1 house key).

That's why I like to take just picture, it's inexpensive (you can survive with second hand DSLR and lens like me), the only problem is only the weight...especially when you only have 2 hand and there is an extra load of 16kg bottomless eating machine that continue wanting your attention. I reckon the compact camera designer must be thinking of me when they create pocket camera.

Anyway, recently I installed a new GIMP and find this cool operation called "Colour Enhance". You can find it under Colour tab->Auto->Colour Enhance. This operation can magically transform your dull coloured picture into a vivid award winning quality! (no I am just joking, but believe me, it does help). I used to like to enhance the saturation, but this "Colour enhance" did something more.

For example we went to wales and capture this lovely picture which has beautiful but superdull-coloured looking backdrop.
What can you do?
Unfortunately colour enhance makes human skin looks unnatural.So first, I normally select the person inside the picture using the "scissors" tool. Mark the selection by pressing ENTER key, and then INVERT the selection.
Then here comes the exciting part. Execute Colour Enhance and watch your backdrop changes it's colour.
Notice the difference?

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Merryn said...

cool! I dun normally edit my pic coz.. I dun know how! :D thanx for sharing this :)