Monday, 8 February 2010

Good news!

Few good news everyone. First of all let me tell you that my husband has got his first job offer! I would like to thank everyone who prayed for him, I am sure every prayer counts. He is still on few other interview, so we will know which one he decides to take.
But I must say, this is a very strange case, because the HR dept has already rejected him. I'll tell the story another day.

Secondly is I got this award from Stardust! I want to thank her for tagging me, even though I must say there is loads to improve, especially my writting skill (which can be very boring too). I thank God for sweet blogging friends like you all :-)
With this I would like to tag 3 other people.

1. Jungle Hut, a missionary wife and a mother over in Amazon jungle. She scribble funny story, exotic experience while sharing gospel to the red indian.

2. HOPE, a mother, a wife, and a christian soldier who currently battling cancer. She wrote inpiring notes about how trial bestow her faith to her Lord.

3. Snow Catcher, she shares loads of pictures of God's wonderful creation. With her bike, she went to places I never dream exist. And she said, when she saw snow on the tip of the mountain, or frozen dew on the grass, she just saw the fingerprints of God!

Now the rules,

Upload the picture on blog, pass it on, and don't forget that it originates from here.


Jungle Mom said...

Thank you! and thanks for reading my blog.

Stardust said...

I'm loving your first news! I know how hard and pressurizing it is to look for a job, so I've prayed for your partner that he'll get one soon. Nothing better than to know that the Lord cares and is always faithful. Praise Him!

You should be awarded for all the fantastic pictures!

Ayie said...

great news! wish you both all the best!

J.H said...

thanks everyone, hope we can keep the ball rolling :-)