Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Here goes again

I have been a good girl last night, slept late doing my housework and wake up early editting some blog pics to show you all. Our family get over the disappointment feeling over my husband job situation. Nothing changes really, it's just us who now be able to accept the reality that even with TWO job offer (or even with ten) he won't be able to start his job until his student visa is converted to working visa (even when legally a PhD student who has submitted his thesis can work full time). However it's a bit tricky to convert it as he must get a graduation certificate from Oxford University which has notorious bureaucracy (should call this bureau-crazy instead). Which I count as the only negative thing about being in Oxford. So he is speaking about a 3-4 month wait of doing nothing.

Fortunately, our gracious Lord has moved his supervisor to give him a pay during this time, and some of his buddy has come to him asking his availability doing some part time job.

Now, let's move on to some updates. We've been doing a bit of Wales short vacation (and yes, to that same old place, Conwy Castle and Caernarfon Castle). Thank God that once again we saw a very bright and sunny day.

We also have a pleasant surprise when our university back in sg come to visit us. My son really fond of him. He had never been this sweet to a new visitor who just sat in our sofa for a mere 5 minutes.

And I had completely forgotten of Valentines day! (or Chinese New Year). One good excuse is because we hardly celebrate those (since restaurant, flower, chocolate, are so expensive either that or the store are closed for CNY). However, we did a V-day shot for our pastor and his beautiful wife.
Keen to meet them? now come to Lifegate Baptist church in Corby, UK at 10.30am on sunday morning. I guarantee you won't be disappointed!


Stardust said...


It appears as a mish-mash of feelings there... I hope your family seizes the day and makes the best out of everything. God never makes us wait for nothing. And though we cannot twist the arms of some authorities, I think God's hands always have something better in store for us to make up for everything. He never shortchanges our faithfulness.

I'm not sure of the details, but I hope that He'll lift your spirit soon... Thanks for sharing on Erik.

Loving your smile.

Liss said...

I'm sure there will be job offers for your husband after his work visa is sorted. You seem to have a good attitude towards the situation and I'm sure that your faith will be rewarded.

Lovely V-Day photo of your pastor and his wife.