Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Peace, in the midst of my Storm

It was a rainy season in Bali. It was day with constant rain and thunderstowm. One evening I was waiting for the sunset. I was a little bit hesitant that I would see anything, afterall the cloud was so thick, the beach is wet and empty. But lo and behold, the rain stopped and the cloud slowly move away.
As I took the photograph and strolling over empty beach enjoying the solitude, this song came to my mind.


When my way seems so dim and unclear
Jesus I’m glad I know you are near
Weary and worn from this life I live
I long for the peace that you give


Peace in the midst of my storm
Peace in the midst of my storm
Draw me close to thyself O Lord
And give me peace in the midst of my storm...

(Song by the Wilds Music)

Location : Legian Beach, Kuta


There are loads of unknown in my life at the moment. But the Lord reminded me that He is always near, He is only a prayer away. He never promise for problem free life. He never promise that he shield me from pain and disappointment. But He has promise His everlasting arm will always be there for me, and that he will hold me when I fall.


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Emily McDonnell said...

I love your pictures! They are so beautiful. :)

HOPE said...

Thank you so much Jessica for noticing my typo error!!

and..for YOU encouraging me by your sweet comments.

The photography here is are soo talented. And the post thoughts and song are wonderful.

Truly our GOD sustains us as HE promises...when we see HIS will...all brings peace. For in the end...Heaven is still our home.


coffeesncookies said...

being able to witness a beautiful sunset like this.. you are blessed.

MaryAnn Ashley said...

Great perspective... like watching the sun set with you... I was singing with you.

Stardust said...

Whenever I'm in the middle of such marvellous sight, holy spirit fills me and I'll ponder upon His words too.

I'm sure that the Lord was trying to assure you of His presence, to remind you who HE is. He who made the heavens and everything, there's nothing in this world He can't resolve, or is too big for Him. Amen.

Edna said...

Amen to that J.H. Such grace and love! Never fail to amaze me..

Char said...

gorgeous gorgeous shots

how humble i would feel in the midst of that great beauty

Cath J said...

Beautiful view..

dreckker said...

really nice shots... =)
now I'm torn between going to Sipadan or Bali... =.="

Snowcatcher said...

Wow! The colors are so beautiful and tranquil! Makes me want to step right into your photos!

Anonymous said...

OH WOW!!! these are gorgeous. Love the words to go with the images. LOVELY

J.H said...

@emily : hey, I love yours too :-)

@hope : thank you for being such an encouragement. I recount all this as God's blessing for me. Even if we had never see each other in person, we will when we are in heaven!

@dreckker : can't you go for both??? *grin*