Friday, 19 February 2010

School Shopping

I've been delaying this task for ages. Now, the "ages" has passed and all of a sudden this task become a unmaskable interrupt, the first priority on my to-do list.

Why did I delayed it till date? A lot of things. First of all, I only shop for fee-paying school (aka. Independent School) mainly because to get a place in state govern school one must stay in the catchment area of that school (and all of the state school nearby our area are really bad but, I am too lazy to move just for that sole reason). Secondly is my husband job situation. Since I've resigned as the sole bread winner in the family, my husband job and career will be our main interest. So, if we have to move because of his workplace we are prepared to do that.

Initally we are interested to get my son admitted in Winchester House School, primarily because of it's strong christian ethos. However, it's located rather out of my way to office so regretfully I have to withdraw the option. The second option will be either Quinton House school (about 10 min from our house) or Grove Independent School (about 15 min from my current work place). None of them are christian school but both taught good manner and disciple to children. So in a couple more weeks time we'll be busy with school open day and reading school prospectus.

I must admit there is a part of me which sort of yelling why make a big deal out of this school matters, he is just 4 year old, this is not as serious as picking college or university. But my own personal experience does say children who attend good primary school stand a better chance entering a good secondary school, and then getting a place in a good college.

Anyway... moving away from school matters. My son has recently become very chatty lately. He make sentences and able to use long words like "disappear", "beautiful", "delicious" or "impressive". But I guess as little kiddy, sometimes the meaning of these word is not exactly apparent to him. He like to say "beautiful movie" while what he means it is a good or interesting movie. He can count to 20 now, except that he often miss thriteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen and just simply jump to twenty.

Another update is I just did my appraisal with my boss in office, and the result is very good. I've done better than last year (and only spend 1 day off sick all through-out the year!). Let's hope that appraisal materialise a bit... like... errr... an increase?

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Uncle Lee said...

Hi JH, hope you get a good school for your boy.
And congratulations on the good appraisal....
might get a 30% increase, who knows? Ha ha.
You have a great Tiger year, stay young, and keep a song in your heart, Lee.