Monday, 1 March 2010

10 days across Europe again!

Yes, it is this time of the year again, our annual europe hopping just about to begin. This time Benelux area.
So far I've few city and area to visit including Bruges, Ghent, Keukenhof, Noorwijkerhout, Kinderdijk, Luxembourg and Brussels. I will skip Amsterdam and Rotterdam except someone told me that I really missed out something there (not interested too much with pubs and bars nor the red light district). I am open to any other input of nice place to see.
All picture are credit to flickr's various authors.
Bruges Revisited # 3
Bruges Revisited # 2
Tulipe de keukenhof
Kinderdijk reflections
Brussels sunrise
I will try to visit Cologne and Paris on the way home. Can't wait for my holiday!


Roger Tooley said...

Looks like alot of fun. When are you planning to go?

Stardust said...

U deserve the R&R!

J.H said...

@pastor : we plan to go end of April. Any tips?

Roger said...

I always heard that Bruges is very nice. Also Cologne really good also. I love Paris! Tammy doesn't like it but I really like. I'm thinking of taking Rebekah to Paris to celelbrate her becoming a teenager! Couple more years yet. Will not to be awhile it's not cheap. I'll have a think of what else.

Snowcatcher said...

Beautiful photos, but that last one, wow!

Ayie said...

beautiful sunset!

betchai said...

wow, these are beautiful pictures of beautiful places,hope you will have a wonderful trip.