Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Have you learn anything from your little one today?

I was looking at this picture of my son trying to reach the beutiful lights at one of the hotel during our stay in Bali. He is trying very hard, looking, aiming and jumping, stacking cushion and tip toe-ing.... however refusing me to help him.

I wonder how much me, as an adult, being this persistent and have "never-say-die" attitue. Not only children learning from their parent, but parent learning from their children.
After he managed to touch one of them.
He smiles to me in satisfaction, almost like saying "I won!".

Have you learn anything from your little one today?


Keith & Julie Loveless said...

I find I've learned so much about myself from my children. Unfortunately, most of it I don't like :O) Like bad attitudes,

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Having a little one, you may be interested in their "Bible Songs for Kids" series. Each CD has 25 KJV songs sung by kids. My husband and I enjoy them too. The first three volumes are available for download for about $10US/CD. My children are 5, 3, & 2; and they have learned so much Scripture from these CD's.

Have a great day.

Snowcatcher said...

That was absolutely beautiful and inspiring! Loved watching your little one reach for the stars, so to speak.

Ayie said...

precious shots...

betchai said...

very inspiring Jess, I know we always learn a lot from the little ones. thanks for sharing his happiness.

MaryAnn Ashley said...

Sweet. I love the determination.

You won my little neclace contest. Please email me an address and I'll drop it in the mail.

coffeesncookies said...

your pics are awesome but always can't load them in the office. it's school excursion today and i took the day off, finally cathching up on yr photogs :)

Aubrey said...

very well put Jess! I needed to hear that today. Have a wonderful day! ~Aubrey

Cath J said...

hehehhe... interesting... yeah I learn a lottt... ^_^

Stardust said...

=) This is beautiful.

And beautiful lamps!