Monday, 29 March 2010

How a 3 year old be guilty of coveteousness?

I wasn't even dare trying to read his mind!


Keith & Julie Loveless said...

Hello, Your son is adorable.

We're going to London, Ontario, Canada not London, England. Our home church is in London, Ontario. Although, that would be fun! My family roots are from the UK and I would love to see it one day. Maybe when the kids are grown?!

Anyhow, Praying for you. Julie

Merryn said...

oh wow! lol.. Dare dare.. just read it.. n then pretend u did not.. lol..

Liss said...

Did you have a hard time leaving this place. I imagine that my boy would kick and scream if I told him it was time to go with all those trains to look at.

Defiantly a little boys paradise

J.H said...

@Sis Julie : I would have guess... however if you come to London UK, let us know!