Tuesday, 23 March 2010

What happening recently.

I am on blogging strike again, let's blame it this time due to so much fun we have at home nowadays that I completely forgotten I have a blog to maintain!

On weekend, my husband and his mom rose early to pick up his dad. Yes, my father in law will have a taste of 2 weeks boring British life. To be frank, boring British life is better than boring Jakartan life whereby we are much dependent on supir (driver) and safety (can't go out late at night).
And on the way home, my poor-sleepy husband forgot to fill up the tank and our Yaris, even with excellent mpg fuel consumption, still refuse to go on with 0 fuel on it's tummy. So, he called RAC (thank God road rescue works on Sunday!) and all of them including my exhausted-jetlag-bored to death after 17 hour journey father in law.

Okay, so the line up plan will be Oxford for tomorrow, and London on Thursday.

Other side of updates is due to my current housing situation as I will be renting out our current home and move to smaller village with smaller house. I figure out it takes so much effort to clean up victorian apartment and the cost to heat it up while there only be one and a half person living in it.
But this plan consist not only one paragraph the way I like it. We would have to remortgage our current house under buy-to-let (we are not allowed to let a home with residential mortgage), and then later on to buy/rent another smaller house.

Meanwhile, I think I have to sort out meeting the letting agency, plus planning for our spring break in Europe.

Then just adding to the juice of life, working permit regulation has changed again the 5th time in my 4 years here in UK. I can see clearly that Phil Woolas is either really hard to pleased or a guy who love to change his mind. The main change is to reduce the income point so in order to qualify for working visa one need to earn much more than it used to be.
The joy of living as immigrant! Fortunately, there is a small print to say that old timer like me is not affected by the new regulation, so I can exhale in relief.

Lastly...Please pray for us, hopefully our head still be intact when we are done with them all. Thank you.


Stardust said...

Wow you have so much going on down there! I'll go nuts if I have to deal with that all at one time!! Trust you to spill all that casually, cool!

Be keeping your family on the prayer list, surely the Lord sees you through. First one first, ok? ;)

HOPE said...

Will surely be praying for you! You have a lot going on right now...boring British life! no way...with TEA each day! I'd love to visit the UK. Made it as far as Switzerland...one day perhaps.

Take care...and let the LORD shine in all you do and HE will take care of the rest...


Liss said...

Wow you've been busy. good luck with the down sizing of your home. My current house is half the size of the one I use to live in and it is so much better to clean, I love it :)

Aubrey said...

You have a lot going on my friend! I feel for you...I will be praying for you...may your move be as smooth as possible!

My thoughts and prayers~Aubrey

Merryn said...

Well well.. your head will definitely still be in tact when you relocate :P all the best :)

Keith & Julie Loveless said...

Praying for you. We too are trying to find a place to live in the new town God has called us to. But we don't have the added struggle of owning a house already. It sounds like you have a lot of other things keeping you busy as well. Keep looking up! God bless you across the sea. -- Julie