Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Like father like son!

This is exactly what I think when I took this set of picture.
My son hates drawing. I don't know why. I thought every toddler love to make a mess with their paint or just dooddling up some imaginative creatures on a piece of paper. But nope, we try to buy him all sort of kind of magic drawing board, fancy looking crayons, black board and chalk, but nothing will get him to draw.

Until recently my son are so keen to learn to read... and write...
He had managed to memorise all the alphabets sound (both small and capital), and now he wanted to move one gear up to be able to write them!

And he is really happy that we told them he did a great job.

This is a sign of happiness...
Wait a minute, pasting a wrong picture there... hahaha.
My husband told me he was a little keen reader when he was small. He plays no toy, he just read books. I guess I better prepare for another book worm in the house then.

And this is the end result!


Snowcatcher said...

Marvelous pictures that tell a memorable story. You've done it again with your new header. One of the best pictures you've ever put up there!

Liss said...

That is really good for his age. If he is enjoying writing keep it up as drawing is not just about being creative it is about fine motor skills in the young and learning how to hold a pencil reading them to learn to write.

Aubrey said...

That's great! Love the pictures! I was a major bookworm when I was young.

I still love to read, just not as much time lol

Hope you are doing well!