Sunday, 11 April 2010

London at night

This is the result of photo hunt few days ago. We arrive in enbankment tube station at about 7p.m and enjoy the quick stroll around. Still many tourist walking about hence we didn't take too much picture.
We dine at pingpong, a chinese dimsum restaurant. I had a blossoming jasmine and chysantemum tea which cost 2.99 GBP a glass!
The sunset was about 8p.m, rather late really... and the wind still a bit chilly. But we managed to wait until 9p.m. We took the picture from Jubilee bridge, next to us is the train tracks to charing cross. It's a bit hard to do good picture even with tripod and ISO 1600 since the bridge move everytime the trains pass by.
Some of this picture will be published on soon, if you have any scripture verse suggestion, kindly leave them on comment section. Thanks for looking!


betchai said...

i love your night pictures, very vivid, the architectures against the light are awesome, but of course, the picture of you and your family stand out

Stardust said...

Aww... I miss London, always beautiful! =D

Ayie said...

very nice views, love the night shots

J.H said...

hi everyone,
I must admit the picture looks a bit grainy wasn't it. ISO 1600 does not seem to be very smooth in my camera :-( but thank you for all the kind comments!