Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Prayer request and loads of update

There are loads of thing has been going on this week. It's just so unbelieveable how everything come and go, time flies faster than a blink.

Tomorrow is a big day for my husband. Tomorrow he'll be standing in front of examiner. Tomorrow will determine the result of his research this past 4 years. Tomorrow is a big day in his history as postgrad student in Oxford university. Even though I left oxford quite a while ago and lived in midlands, but the thought that my husband will no longer be a student there left some void in my heart. Oxford has been a very special place for us!
(Above, my husband in the fellow garden of Magdalene College)
Over the years, we start our first friendship with the brits here, this is where we first fall in love to European culture and architecture, this is the place that inspire me to pick up my camera and share how beautiful UK really is!

Every evening we enjoy the companion, eating out in colleges, punting on the river, chatting for hours in local cafe, strolling over covered market, joining interesting club and meet amazing-super-talented genius. It's hard to believe that in Oxford we came face to face or even befriended a Olympic gold medalist, piano champion, famous book writer or soon to be famous actor. Oxford really feels like a big Disneyland to me and my husband. We are really thankful the Lord gave us this once a lifetime chance.

You can imagine how it feels like to stay here...(Magdalene college accomodation).

So please pray for my husband for tomorrow.

Another update is, we got the schengen visa to go to Europe and we are starting to pack our stuff. It will be a 10 day trip covering 5 country, Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, Netherlands and France. We are so excited.

And, my cousin graciously gave me her 18-55mm f/2.8 lens! so I have a new, excellent lens to play with now. I'll upload more of the result tomorrow, meanwhile here is the spoiler.

And I also uploaded some christian flyer ideas (sunday school, christmas, tracts, coffee morning). More of them can be uploaded at


Liss said...

Sad to leave a place you have know for so long and love but your husband is starting another stage of his life that will be just a wonderful. I wish him well tomorrow.

HOPE said...

Saying special prayer for you Jessica and your husband (and little guy). What an adventure you have coming up! I can't wait to see the wonderful photos you will be sharing.

It is a joy to know you and that GOD is placing you in so many places...I pray he uses your lives to reach you go into all the world!!

God bless you sweet friend..

Stardust said...

All goes well for your hubby! I'm excited about your new trip and camera! Have an awesome time!

J.H said...

thank you for all the well wisher. Today is his big day, I'll update more on that later on. Really appreciate the prayer :-)

Cuisine Paradise said...

Dear Sis, although i am late on this post but we will help to pray for all the best for your hb and your family too... :) God will have great plan for everyone of you :)

HOPE said...

Waiting for the GOOD NEWS...

wonderful ALWAYS..your talent is such a blessing!