Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Resurrection Holiday Update

I am sorry I've been absent from writting for nearly a week! We'd been busy with a lot of things, from looking for suitable house, remortgaging, to church activities. Not forgetting that last saturday was my parents-in-law last day in England. My husband sent them home before my son was woken up, fortunately he does not seem to mind knowing his grandparents are gone, I was initially already prepare for buckets full of tears.

We surely going to miss both of them, and especially my mother in law who had been a great help and companion for the past 3 month.

On bank holiday monday we went to London on a promotion tickets. It cost us £20 for 3 of us to went there on what normally will cost £46. We ate dinner at "ping pong" a dimsum restaurant, not too bad for £35 for 3 of us. We managed to took quite a lot of pictures from jubilee's bridge nearby Charing Cross/Victoria Enbankment. The weather was windy but not too cold, made us able to enjoy the quiet stroll over the bridge which overlooking london eye, big ben and the parliament building. Pictures to follow.

On Sunday we have a beautiful resurrection day service, one of our brother preach deeply about Christ suffering for us. I mean, seriously, we often forgot how much the price Christ have to pay to redeem us when we are still his enemy. I don't think I'll let my son to suffer for stranger, leave it for my enemy. Also, I was reminded on what terrible place hell is, and how much we ought to be thankful that because of what Jesus had done on the cross we need not to suffer in hell for eternity.

Isn't that great to be forgiven?
(Thanks to Stardust for letting me to use her picture).
Happy resurrection day!


Aubrey said...

Yes it is a wonderful feeling to know you are forgiven...forever! Praying for you that God will place you in a new home soon!

Stardust said...

The discounted trip sounds so good, nothing in Japan can ever be subsided like that.

I'm touched by your thoughts of not willing to hand your boy over for a stranger, our great God has a wondrous love indeed. All glory to Jesus.

Marfa said...

That's awesome...sounds like you had a great day celebrating our Lord's resurrection! It is good to listen to the true reason for this day...and it gets too commercialized often!

F A I T H said...

Thanks for the reminder too. ^.^

Snowcatcher said...

My goodness gracious! This is LOVELY! Love the radiant colors and message.