Sunday, 18 April 2010

Spring Bloom (Blenheim Part 1)

So, I've just been to London just like I shared on my previous entry. London is indeed a beautiful city...for a tourist, but I had never imagine myself living there. I had never been envious to my friends who stayed in San Fransisco, Manhattan, New York or London. I guess if I still single, a nice cafe, vast selection of fine dining after tiring day at work or treating myself watching theatre would be something that I would lack having not stayed in big city. But be it, I am married with kid, so I need none of them.

One good reason to stay in countryside is the chance to have a huge big space to yourself, not necessarily in your home, but at least it wouldn't be too far. And what about a beautiful garden that you didn't even take care of? I am sure my city friend will be envious to see this.
So where is this? this beautiful park is a small-tiny-winey section of Blenheim Palace's garden called "Leisure Garden". The garden itself it's covering about 23 hectars of land, include a river, few bridges and lakes. And I've tried to walk it from 11 am to 5 pm and nothing close to finish it!

The palace is open to the public, and contains tourist attractions in the grounds, including the butterfly house, a maze, a plant centre, and cafeteria, but the atmosphere is still that of a large country house. The palace is separated by a little distance from this other group of attractions (the 'Pleasure Park'), and the two are linked by a free miniature railway service, the Blenheim Park Railway.
My son absolutely love his 15 minutes ride on this cute narrow gauge railway!
(Below, my son on Leisure Park a year ago)
The Leisure park itself has three big toddler playground, two big set of human chess, a big maze, liliput land, a big sandy playground for the young ones and a mini golf!
My son absolutely love this golf game. He thinks he is an expert. Unfortunately, even when he gets the ball to the hole, he used his club just like snooker.... which is not the way you suppose to hit the golf ball.
Yeap, he and his dad complete a 9 hole course!!! Quite tiring really.

According to Wikipedia : The progression from home to business has been essential to the palace's survival in the 20th and 21st centuries. Varied commercial concerns include a maze, adventure playground, mini-train, gift shops, butterfly house, fishing, and even bottles of Blenheim Natural Mineral Water. Concerts and festivals are also staged in the palace and park. While the Duke retains final control over all matters in the running of the palace, the day-to-day control of commercial aspects are outsourced to Sodexho Prestige, a division of Sodexho.

And the "tiny" leisure park does not ended there.... because lastly, the butterfly park and lavender garden (which of course bear no lavender since it was still spring)
On the next entry I'll be sharing with you the main part of the park that is the palace itself.... which is look like this from the air (ps. this obviously not my picture)
To be continued....


Cath J said...

lovely... ahh wish can go there... ^_^

betchai said...

beautiful set of pictures Jessica, glad to know you are enjoying your spring.

Ladybird said...

oh Jessica, what beautiful pictures you have!! Your little boy looks like he's enjoying golf ;-)

Stardust said...

I'm bewitched by the shruken houses! It sure is a nice park that caters to diverse interest, Jap has nothing like that. Poo...

Aubrey said...

LOVE your pictures! Praying for your family! And I must say I'm just a "tad" jealous over all the places you get to visit! I love to travel, see new places, experience new things! Enjoy and I shall have to be content to look at these beautiful places through your camera lens!

Snowcatcher said...

The pink blossoms are so heavenly! Love the pictures of your son with the miniature village and giant-sized chess, too. Those are keepers!

Ayie said...

i love that miniature structure and giant chess

too bad i missed the cherry blossoms here...i have been confined at home with baby...he's still too young to be taken around with the cold weather