Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Spring Walk (Blenheim Part 2)

I know I had not got a chance to put up some of this picture again. I've been busy with loads of things... my husband's graduation celebration (yes, he made it through his thesis defense alright, thank you for all the prayer), my mortgage application, house hunt and of course... packing and preparing for my holiday which going to start on Friday!! I am so excited.
So, here it is some of the Blenheim palace's picture as I promised... I shall keep the last part as scheduled entry to entertain you guys while I am gone.
My son was so fascinated with the canon. He refuse to look to the camera, too busy figuring out how to make the canon works. We just take a slow wander around the house, adoring paintings, furniture, read some history of Sir Winston Churchill's life, and then when feel bored we get out again and have a stroll in the park. I can't imagine how is it feels like having this property as my home!
And this is me lazing around in the garden that I never need to takecare of!
And lastly.... I have no clue what my little man is up to.
I must admit that pushing that stone-ball was my idea.


HOPE said...

AMEN..CONGRATULATIONS to your husband...I had no doubt he would do well. You definetly have an exciting life..and your little one is the best part! He is ADORABLE...cherish every MOMENT they grow up waaay too fast.

God bless you as you continue to journey...

Stardust said...

Aww... your little man always teases my heart. I love that montage!

And that garden you never have to lift a finger upon, timeless and classy the way I like it, wish I could be there.

Liss said...

What a fantastic place to have so close to home. I love the aerial shot in the last post because it really shows the size of this place.

I think the last photo of your son pushing the ball was very clever and funny.

The Castle looks like a wonderful place to send a spring day.

Enjoy your holiday.

Ayie said...

wow congratulations!

and i can see your son pushing it with all his might! lol