Friday, 23 April 2010

This is the big day

My son woke up this morning with a big grin on his face and said "mommey, train ride!" And yes, today will be the first time we going to take Eurostar train crossing UK border. We are heading for our holiday today.

However, at the moment I am still in office half day... then had to rush to the bank to finalise my mortgage, and then pack my stuff and walk to the train station and head to London st. Pancras.
My son is really excited about the trip. He now can understand that holiday means seeing nice exciting places. And being a cheapskate me, we normally end up with so much unforgetable "adventure" (that what I called the experience of being stranded, lost, run out of money) from time to time.

This busy work has been really really busy because we are releasing our software next week. I was flat tired and still have to cook, pack and do research for our holiday. So, don't forget to buy Technisat Freeview HD box if you are in UK! You probably will help me to fund another fun trip to share in the future... hahhahha.
I might log in to this blog if there is wifi available, however I won't be able to do any blog stalking meanwhile. And I've schedule some entries with loads of picture while I am gone. I'll be missing all of you!

I want to thank everyone who prayed for journey safety. I am truly thankful to the Lord that He allowed this trip to happen. In fact, just a day after I book my Eurostar ticket, the Eyjafjallajokull's volcano errupt (don't ask me how to read it!) and Eurostar ticket really solid sold out from that moment. Isn't it that God's grace that He even prompt me to travel by train? Isn't that God's perfect timing?
Talking about erruption, someone did took a beautiful picture of it here. In fact it is so beautiful that I almost decide to make it my desktop wallpaper.

Ok, I am just babling there...till later... had to run for my train now :-)


Edna said...

Have a safe trip and great holiday J.H.! Those pictures of erupting volcano are awesome. The irony of beauty and disaster...

Aubrey said...

Have fun!!! =D

Stardust said...

Yes lil Josiah, mommy is putting you on your favourite train and go see fun stuff! Isn't that exciting? Enjoy much with mom and dad!!