Friday, 14 May 2010

GIMP stuff - Sun Kissed vs Romantic Blue

Recently I've been experimenting more overlays effect on my GIMP since I was sooo inspired by this.
I know mine wasn't as good as the sample there, but I guess it will do.

If you wonder what I mean by "overlay". You can create a layer on the top of your picture (background picture) and select the operation to "overlay" instead of "normal". GIMP will then take your layer and overlay it with your background image.

Here is the original tone of the picture.

With pastel turquoise blue layer my picture looks like this, I called it Romantic Blue.

With dusty dark yellow layer my picture looks like this, I called it Sun-Kissed.

And I create a series of picture like that, which one do you think looks better? Romantic Blue, or Sun-Kissed?
I'll shall relveal more cherry blossom pictures in the next entry.


Emily McDonnell said...

Such beautiful pictures! I like the Sun-kissed a little bit better, though both are very nice. :)

uLi.佑莉 said...


Cath J said...

I love the sun-kissed.. ^_^

betchai said...

it is hard for me to tell which one is better, since they are all great for me, but different, maybe depends on the mood.

Edna said...

Love the sun-kissed..:-)