Wednesday, 5 May 2010

I am back (Blenheim Part 3)

I am back to common ground! Thanks God for such a refreshing, inspring and fun journey we had for the last 10 days running around Europe. We certainly have a lot od stories, pictures, and updates to share.
Arriving at home, we are greeted with piles of letters wanting to be answered, hundreds of email, and mountains of work. But we are glad to be back home.
Okay, since I have not editted a whole lot of my Europe pictures, I decided to entertain you all with something else at the moment. Oh... how I missed British coutryside after seeing so many big cities!
This is the softest grass I ever feel. On the nice warm sunny day... you can read books, enjoy the bird's sing, running around, or simply have a nap.
Ok, I guess enough of camwhore now... time to edit more pics :-) I have something like 300+ tulip pictures to share, stay tune!


Edna said...

Welcome back JH! Can't wait to read your holiday adventures and see all that beautiful photos!

HOPE said...

I especially like the last photo of you and your husband!!

Thank you for visiting with so much on your is always a blessing to read your know you!

Are any of your photos available for blogging post? I have a hard time finding just the right pic for a topic.

God bless you with a perfect day!

J.H said...

@Edna : thank you! miss blog stalking your blog too... :-)))

@HOPE : you always inspire me with your blog post... I really thank God for that.
Yes, you can use my pictures for blogging, especially those from KJVChristianWallpapers, what you need to do is just to click on the picture, and then it will bring you to "flickr" site, where I store all of my picture. And then click "Share This" and "grab the HTML" and paste the HTML unto your blog entry. Alternatively you can click on "Blog it". Hope this helps! (The easier option is to download the picture and upload it again on blogspot).

Merryn said...

piles of letters is ok.. piles of bills is scary :D

nice pic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Snowcatcher said...

Oh, you've got me drooling in anticipation for the tulips... but your daffodil pictures are scrumptious!

AG said...

hayo jeje, kenapa yusdi megang2 perut elo? ada dedenya josie ya? *huakakakakakakak*

Stardust said...

Welcome home, it's always a havoc to return to after holidays. Pick up soon! Checking out your updates!

J.H said...

@Merryn : my bills is sent by email, isn't that more scary? hahhaa..

@AG : HHAHAHAHA... I like that joke!

@Stardust & Snowcatcher : has been missing you girls and your blog. Stay tune for the tulips... I almost there!