Sunday, 16 May 2010

One beautiful summer day

Wise man said that simplest thing are the most beautiful things in life.
Caught in the huzz and buzz of the day, deadline at work, responsibility at church and at home, sometimes I do forget that my Lord send me the simpliest thing in life to thank for.
So one beautiful summer day, I would like to invite you all... my reader, to enjoy some of the simplest thing in life that makes me smile.

1. I would thank the Lord for my husband, my best friend and my soul mate for eternity.

2. I enjoy pose around with my son. He is the sunshine of my day! nevermind if England stays gloomy and cold.

3. I love to do some fun simple games to play together. Nevermind that we had no TV, I had never miss it any single second.

4. On one summer day... I love to enjoy the breeze of wind on my hair, hiding myself underneath my straw hat.

5. Picnic! is one of the greatest and cheapest theraphy for stress free break. Especially if you can find a spot like this...

6. And finally watching the smiles of the two most precious people in my life...

I am trully blessed...

Have you thank the Lord today for simple things in your life? You can start with your salvation :-)


betchai said...

all wonderful shots, Jessica. What a beautiful way to celebrate joyful blessings.

Liss said...

The sun, green grass, blue sky and the blossoms all look so nice. I am glad your family is enjoy what is on offer to you.

uLi.佑莉 said...

Lovely and beautiful~

Stardust said...

Yes you're truly blessed Jess, and so are we here, blessed by your beautiful images, and coming across wonders I've never knew. Your place is having Summer this soon, and still blossoming!

Everytime I marvel at the nature around me, I'm instantly reminded of God's wonderful works too. =)

AG said...

Same here, Je =)
Everyday, I thank God for the 2 most precious men in my life. Just looking at them sleeping soundly, makes my heart flows with gratitude =) If we can just spend a bit of our time to look around and count our blessings, then u will see how blessed you are. Oh, and thanks for being such a great pal =) *HUGS*

Ayie said...

lovely family!! love the shots!

Cath J said...

Beautiful... photos and peoples inside.. :)

vmc said...

I love your pictures and the list as well :)