Monday, 10 May 2010

Stop 3 : Rotterdam - apparently,nothing special

Honestly, I don't know why did I visit Rotterdam.
The city is just like any big city... full of commuters, modern building, and...macD on every 100 meter. However, a good advice before coming to Rotterdam city centre is... don't plan to park you car! It's cost us 25 EURO to park the car for 24 hour (It cost about 3 Euro per hour, 25 Euro max), this is even more expensive than Cologne or Brussels (it only cost 15 Euro there). And no one forwarned us about this before.

But this place is an excellent stop if you plan to go to Kinderdijk (about 20 minutes from Kinderdijk). Other than that there is not much to see there. Yes, people say there is Erasmus bridge, or the strange cubes apartment in Blaak, but... they are not as special as I wish them to be.
(Below...Erasmus Bridge)
One of the best most scenic picture is only from my hotel window.
You can see more at my wallpaper website :
At dusk... I purposely woke up at 5 to catch the glimpse of sky.
Around the city. (Again... nothing special really)

Luckily for us, there is a model railway exhibition nearby. So we decided to spend a day there. It cost abour 9 EUR for adults and 4 EUR for children. I almost tempted to let my son in by himself. But, what I didn't regret what I saw there.
The place was pretty big. It has all sort of transportation from busses, trucks, lorrys, ferry, and of course.... loads and loads of train.

It has almost all the attraction in Rotterdam, from erasmus bridge, cubes apartment, windmill, wind turbine, stadhuis, ice skating ring, concert arena only it was smaller.
I tell you that the miniature is nicer than the real thing!
And all this complicated stuff, is controlled by this guy... No, I mean controlled by computer and this guy is suppose to see if there is anything need to be mended.

What always impressed me with model railway is the attention to detail. For example this.
Can you see a superman?

And we are so lucky to spot an accident before the engineer come up and restore the order of the road.

In Mini Railz World, a day lasted for 40 minutes, consist of 20 minutes of daylight and 20 minutes of night. Isn't that clver idea?

Other strange things we see is this... I had no clue what "KISS" means, because I tried google translate and it translate to a.... KISS!!! Doesn't make sense.
And we surprised to see "bemo" from Jakarta (tuktuk in Thailand) exist here too.


Cath J said...

Woww... so detaillll.... love the exhibition..

and beautiful photos!! ^_^

Stardust said...

Well, maybe maybe, maybe again, Rotterdam is a little less special but your pictures brought life to it! I'm happy for the chance your kid got to see his fav models again. That's the best thing! YEAH!

Ayie said...

very nice set of photos as usual...
also belated happy mother's day!!

vmc said...

the superman thing is sooo cool. it just made me smile ...