Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Stop 5 : Noordwijk - I am here for a surprise

Let's just take a break from flower picture. I'd determined to finished up my "keukenhof" editting tomorrow... and that means loads more flowers picture.
I presume it's nice to see some other type of landscape for a change.

Right so here am I in Noordwijk, a small town by the seaside not far from Lisse.

First thing that we check is obviously... the beach. To my surprise this is the finest sand we had ever seen in Europe! even beat those beaches we visit Greece and Italy (yes, the sand although not the water... it wasn't clear and rather cold).
My husband jokingly said that this sand must be dug up from Indonesian during 350 years Dutch colonialisation era, because it feels too soft, too yellow, to similar to the sand back home.

It was pretty sunny and warm too! Probably too warm for a beach in the April morning. If you notice it very well, we dare to wear short sleeve here!

And pretty quiet and clean too...
I reckon this kind of beach in UK will be full packed of people like a can of sardine.

Noordwijk aan Zee (noordwijk by the sea) was founded around 1200 as a fishing village. Until the beginning of the 19th century, fishing remained its primary business, but then began to be replaced by the growing tourism industry. Nowadays because of its long sandy beaches, it is a popular resort town with 1,000,000 overnight stays per year.
Noordwijk aan Zee is rated as the 12th richest location in the Netherlands.

Another pleasant surprise is the flower parade or Bollenstreek Bloemencorso. You can see more pictures that people take here.

But the biggest surprise is this...
This thing called bami-schijf. What surprise me is the word "bami" in Indonesian means noddle. At first when I order this, I wonder what would I get.
And lo and behold.... it's noddle inside!

A bami-schijf is a snack consisting of noodles with a breadcrumbs around. The bami-schijf is mostly known in the Netherlands and Belgium. They also have the fried rice version (in which called nasi-schijf, nasi in Indonesian means rice), with fried rice as a main ingredient used.

Then I figure out there is loads of food in Holland that has the similar name in Indonesian, like Loempia, Ressoles and Kroket. I even managed to find terasi (belachan) and rempeyek in normal grocery store!


Snowcatcher said...

The picture of your son with the sand is simply spectacular!

Stardust said...

I love being surrounded by nature, your pictures make me miss the sea. It stings when your hubby likened the sand to what's back home, it just roots deeply inside... everyone of us miss our birthplace.

You know there is this likelihood that the names of food are adopted from the west to east, seldom the reverse. ;) But, who cares as long as the food is goody. =P

MaryAnn Ashley said...

What a wonderful holiday... I had a good trip, enjoying all of your images.

Ayie said...

how's the taste? that's an interesting dish..