Friday, 28 May 2010

Stop 8 : Paris - with LOVE!

Before I came to Paris, I did ask around people opinion about it. I must say most of people either love it or hate it.

Luckily for us, we are those who absolutely LOVE Paris. It's one of the best holiday we had.

The weather was good, warm and sunny at 28 degree. The night was clear and not too windy. The food was awesome and cheap (well obviously you can search for expensive one). The Parisian was so helpful, friendly and open. A few time during our trip that I need to carry the push chair down the staircase (there is no lift). Our push chair wasn't even big nor heavy, and I have my husband with me, but there always be someone offering help. We almost need not to figure out where to go, the Parisian will offer help without us asking! how great is that?


And surprise...surprise... everyday at 11pm, this magnificent tower sparkle like a christmas tree for a brief 10 minutes. However, it's very hard to capture because when fast shutter managed to capture the sparkle but made the surrounding look pitch black.


During our 3 nights in Paris, every single night we will go out until 11.30pm to enjoy this lovely sight.


Of course it's not just Eiffel tower that we've seen. We also see loads of other thing including the most well known cathedral "Notre-Dame", Louvre, Opera Garnier and Versailles. Not to mention countless number of old building that we had no clue what is that all about.


But I have to see, Eiffel is my favorite!

On the first night we are there, we came in around 7pm by train from Brussels. So after dinner, we quickly run to catch a metro to "tour montparnasse" (montparnasse tower). Don't ask me how to read it though!

The tower is a 210-metre (689 ft) tall office skyscraper located in Paris, France, in the area of Montparnasse. Constructed from 1969 to 1972, it is the tallest skyscraper in France and the ninth tallest building in the European Union. In the future, it may be surpassed in height by the Tour AXA (231 metres / 758 feet), and later by Tour Phare, Tour Signal and Tour Generali (approximately 300 metres / 980 feet). Let me tell you that the tower itself looks pretty.... ugly (luckily I can't see much of it at night). But behold... the view from it!


Again, 3nd time lucky, we get to see full moon for the 3rd time in our holiday (Previously in Greece in 2009, and in Colorado USA in 2008). Certainly out of my plan, but we get to see it at the right time!


We decided not to climb Eiffel tower at all and climb tower Montparnasse instead. First : it was cheaper (only cost 11 EUR until the rooftop), second : it was hardly any big crowd except other photographers, thrid : something that impossible to take from Eiffel - to see the tower of Eiffel itself from head to toe.

I didn't regret my decision...


Stay : 3 nights
Where : Hotel Residence Quintine Square (


Edna said...

Amazing capture of Paris JH! And I so LOVE the wedding photo on your blog pure and heavenly....

Merryn said...

omg! great shots there jessica! I did not get to enjoy eiffel at nite when i was there last time. so.. thanx for sharing these... really awesome :D

M-Knight said...

nice photo.. I like the moon

Cuisine Paradise said...

Paris!!!! Oh my!!! Jessi, your night view of Paris and Eiffel tower was awesome..... I love the overall view from Montparnasse that shown the stunning view of Eiffel Tower.... I must say, you have really make use of the Gift from God.... Great work... :)

MK mummy said...

stunning pictures of Paris... Thanks for the tip, am going to Paris in September and am planning to go up to Eiffel Tower, now I know where to get a pretty view of Eiffel Tower. Thanks again.

J.H said...

I hope everyone enjoy Paris as much as I do :-)
MK mommy, I wish you all the best on your trip, and share some of pics as well if you don't mind.

Stardust said...

Hey, Paris is my favourite too. I also admired Eiffel at that timing, on Sein River cruise, it was unforgettable. =D Saw your captures on FB but not here, cos your Flickr acts up, am catching your shots later. ;)

I love Paris!

vmc said...

Impressive pictures of Paris .. truly describe it as The City of Light !

Ayie said...

rare that i would find photos of eiffel at night... those are beautiful shots and it feels enchanting