Wednesday, 23 June 2010

England is qualified to the SEMIFINALS!

I am not a great football fans, but nothing beats the feeling when your country qualified to the semifinals!



Go go England!!!


Aubrey said...

cute pictures!!! How are you? My husband comes home in about a week, looking foward to spending time with him...and sightseeing! Have a great week~Aubrey

Charlene n Kevin said...

I'm a hugeee football fan and even bigger England fan! :D The results earlier today couldn't get any better, with both England and USA moving on to the next round!! However, how I wished England made it into the semifinals....hehehehe. It's still quite a journey ahead. They made it into the Round of 16 not semis. They would have to play Germany on Sun and win to get into the quarterfinals. They would then have to play another round to get into the semi..hehehe :P

Stardust said...

Oh, Josiah, SO CUTE!