Friday, 4 June 2010

What happen lately

I am sorry there is not much meaningful updates lately. We still struggling to look for new home since there is no good school nearby our current home. However, there are various problem with each of property we found, first of all because it has to be on the "right" distance to 3 places, school, church and workplace, and secondly it has to be on the "right" price.
We were looking into buying a repossesed house last week, but the vendor wanted us to increase our offer by £6500, and then we decided it's not worth pursuing that. But we trusting the Lord will show us the right property at the right time.

Other than house issue, we had been enjoying loads of sun in the UK! We'll be planning to visit Alice & Zonny down in their new home in Crawley in August, and possibly going to York in July if we managed to find a house before end of this month (I need a holiday in peace...). Josiah also will have a math test to join Kumon on 14th Sept. To those of you who does not know what it is, it's basically a technique to teach kids mental maths and timing. Contrary to western tradition that learning had to be fun, not competitive and "do in your own time", Kumon - invented by Japanese, teaches perseverance for boring subject, discipline to practice everyday, and loads of homework.
But I must admit, I've been wondering what will they test a 3 year old boy in maths? To my surprise my son apparently can do simple substraction, who taught him that I have not got any clue. So we'll be drilling him with numbers, substraction, addition till september and see how he does.

Recent addition to our library...
A great introduction to medival history. My son absolutely LOVE it!
This book cost just £4.99, brand new, in Home Sense. I tell you, baptist love steal deal!
Heading to cotton manor this weekend. Have a blessed Sunday everyone!

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Stardust said...

Yes I'm sure that the Lord will settle your family in the right place, right time. =) Meanwhile keep a lookout dilligently. I'm so impressed with little Josiah, guess that's how kids of elites are raised. =D Love his book!!

Have a good trip!