Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Yet another blog : Christian e-Card

Months ago, I come with this idea about creating Christian Wallpapers (KJVChristianWallpapers.blogspot.com). Few weeks ago, my husband had even better idea to reuse the images to make a Christian e-card!
I would personally thank a bunch of excellent christian photographers (who I had never met in person except for my own sister) who had contribute to this project faithfully. This certainly impossible without you all.

So check on this link,
and start by sending your father's day card. There is still not much there, but we'll add as time permitting.




Or bookmark this link : http://kjvecards.appspot.com/ecards/


HOPE said...

THANK YOU...THANK YOU!!! a wonderful idea..and I will be your faithful user!!!

If you need some photos...I humbly can show you what I have to offer..

Blessings to you always..

Stardust said...

Bless your projects and thank God, they can be accessed free. Surely the Lord is pleased with your work. =)

About Hydrangea, were you unsuccessful in the past? They are one of those least care-unrequired plants, just make sure you've planted them the right spots as some need shades, some prefer sunshine. Also, keep the soil moist, so you see why they are healthier during monsoon. Prune if you don't want the shrub get too big next year, and that's about it! ;)

Snowcatcher said...

Congratulations! That is indeed a terrific idea, and you've implemented it beautifully!

J.H said...

thank you for being so supportive everyone.

@HOPE : That's great if you can help up with the pictures departement, I know you have loads of lovely pics!

@Stardust : yes, but with your tips I am going to try it again.