Friday, 30 July 2010

Help me choosing a kitchen


I need a perfect kitchen for my new home.
Wondering whether anyone can help me to pick which one?









Any thoughts?


Mom of M&Ms said...

Oh My Goodness.. They are all beautiful.. but I love #7, because of that pop of color.. Very soothing but still cheery. I love kitchens. so I personally like every single one. Let me know what you choose

HOPE said...

Oh My Jessica! What dreamy kitchens!

If I was you...I'd pick out a several things in each that you are your favorite...then go back and eliminate one in each of the things and see which one prevails!
Which one you just cannot do without!

What a hard decision..but I'm partial to number 2 and number 7...I love that they are ALL kitchen is white. I like the cottage beadboard cupboards.

Can't wait to see which one you choose!

So happy you get this opportunity!!

wenn said...

all so lovely!

The Loveless Family said...

#4 and #7. I love an open kitchen that allows the hostess to visit while taking care of her duties in the kitchen. All of them are beautiful though, you have excellent taste.

F A I T H said...

Its a tough decision but I finally decide I'd pick #3. Makes me feel warm, cozy and most importantly, homely. :)

F A I T H said...

Sorry, did I type #3? I meant #2.

VD said...

For me is either #4 or #6 heheheh:P

#4 for homey and bluey appearance (I love blue).

#6 for the view outside the kitchen ( if outside your house has such wonderful view, this is the one to go).


Stardust said...

Oh dear Jess! I love them from #1 to #5!! But I'll have to pin-point #4/#5 to be precise. =D This is sooooo exciting don't you think? A kitchen is one woman's empire!

Jap's kitchen are very technical and hardly cosmetic, but I'm all fulfilled with my white kitchen. White rules!

How's moving going? Sorry about not turning up frequent, been busy lately, but dropping by is always a breeze of fresh air. =D

Anonymous said...


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Ayie said...

I like number 2, simple yet efficient

Cath J said...

2 or 5