Tuesday, 20 July 2010

It's FARM time!

Where I came from this is exactly the image I would imagine when someone told me "we are off for farm visit!". And honestly, I don't think I can associate farm with something fun and clean to occupy a toddler the whole day. I mean, working farm is normally smelly and mucky. Definitely not one of the most wanted place for your toddler to be.

However, I've learned that farm in non-3rd world country not only serving a purpose of breeding ducks, cows and selling chicken eggs. It's actually a bit like mini zoo and theme park at the same time.

Last weekend, we went to Rookery Farm in Towcester and the day was brilliantly warm and sunny. There is a big picnic and play area with slides and swings, few real tractor (my son's favorite) surrounded by animal playpen which most of them you can pet.


It also have indoor petting area for rabbit, guinea pigs, goat and hamster. They also kept some chickens, birds and chipmunk for display.


Now, if your kid have enough for "animal" oriented activity, it's time to try something different. Like... trying a pedal tractor.


My son skillfully steering the tractor... which obviously in reality it won't be this easy.


Next he is heading to outdoor bouncy castle.


And before we went back home. While packing our stuff we saw this.


That pig looking creature called kunekune pig originated from New Zealand, latest cutest thing we know. Thankfully it was usually kept as pets and not subject to be brougt to dinner table!


Marfa said...

What a darling little goat...those photos are great! And the tractor ride looks like a lot of fun. So funny to see the piglets with the sheep!!!

Uncle Lee said...

Hello JH, great looking pics. Can see your son really having a wonderful time. Its good to introduce them to animals early age....
By the way, you look very nice in the pic too. Love the dress. Very few women wear like that today. I love it.

Have fun and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

Ayie said...

that kind of outing is always fun for kids and the entire family

LuxeLass said...

How I envy you, my friend, for having such great family. I wish I can, and I will, in 3 years' time. Pray for me that I have the strength to do what I plan to do, to create the change I want to see and to fight for my freedom and love to enjoy what I want and envisage in this lifetime.

Stardust said...

I hope you've taken lotsa picts of that lil lamb for KJV wallpapers, it's definitely a darling! Love all the animals out there, looks like a heaven for animals and kids. ;) I'll take my kids to a farm if there is. =)