Friday, 23 July 2010

Stop 12 : Brussels - once is enough


You might seen the first few pictures in this entry and wondering why and what did I moan about. Everything seems to be perfect and beautiful.

Beauty can be deceiving, and this is one of them.


Frankly speaking, you won't regret never visiting Brussels in your life.
You'll soon see why.
Not only over rated Manneken Pis( which is seen as a symbol of French and Dutch cohabitation in Brussels) which just look like a tiny statue in the middle of busy market - I don't even bother to upload the picture here.


This is probably THE ONLY nice spot in Brussels, the rest is nothing different with Jakarta. In fact I would rate jakarta to be better since the food are no doubt cheaper and... hardly any "human poo" on the road. Yes, I am serious.
There are a lot of homeless in Brussels just like in any other metropolitan city. However going to toilet in Belgium you'll have to pay, so you see that's where the problem lies.

Not only that, even to get a sachet of ketchup you have to pay 60 cents! Don't you think if you bought a meal in macD you have a "rights" to get a ketchup free?

This is just auspicious.
No doubt loads more uglier in the daytime.


But at least me and my family are visible.


And just like any other Belgium city, you can't miss the chocolate and waffles!


Hey, I feel better after moaning.



Cath J said...

beautiful photos jes.. ^_^

coffeesncookies said...

looks like a very very old city. but I can't imagine paying for ketchup. Bringing Amber there, I'd be broke :(