Monday, 12 July 2010

Summer fun! (in my prespective)

Last week Ms. Julie were out with her family for holiday, so mommy said I will have to stay at home with daddy for the whole week.

Luckily enough, Ms Rachael - Ms Julie's friend, were kind enough to have me in her house for a few days that week, just so that I won't be so bored at home (afterall playing with big people is not as fun as playing with small people - that is people with same height as me!)

So mommy drop me off at Ms Rachael's house where I met Tris, my friend. Now, the best thing is, not only Tris is small people like me, but he actually like loads of thing beginning with 'T' just like me. So we both loves 'Train', 'Trucks' and 'Thomas the Tank'.
I obviously can't wait to play with him. So Ms. Rachael helped us build a big round of track covering the entire living room. We had Harold - the helicopter,loads of engines, trucks and coaches... even some traction engine.
On the next day, it got even better. It was actually Tris's birthday so the house was full of balloons and birthday decoration. And guess what? We are going to Thomas land - Dryton Manor to celebrate! Thanks to Ms Rachael and Uncle Andy that I was invited. What can be better than to see Thomas with another Thomas fan like Tris?

It was a bright and sunny day when we visit Thomas Land.
We met fat controller (although he wasn't as fat as I think he will, mommy said he's probably on a diet to get healthier).

We took loads of pictures with the engines.
We went to Knapford station and waiting to get on the train.
My friend Tris was very brave to try on many rides, while I am very contented with Thomas ride and was on it 4 times!
It was so fun that I even still talking about it when I tucked in on my bed that night.

On the next day, I decided I have enough of train and wanted to play with something else. So Ms. Rachael build up a marble race for us to play. I had never seen something so cool like this before! So I decide to play with it the whole day long. Oh, didn't I tell you as well that Tris has a big back yard with slides, swings and loads of other fun thing. We had a great time playing under the sun!

Although it was only a real stay with Ms Rachael and Tris, I really enjoy it! Probably I should hope Ms. Julie went on holiday for 2 weeks next time!

**All pictures courtesy of Ms. Rachael!


Mom of M&Ms said...

I am so excited to get to "meet" you. Your blog and photography are awesome, but your story of coming to Christ has me in joyous tears. What a blessing you are to me this morning!

I , too struggle with the proverbs ideal. I SO want that to be me. Thank goodness that God offers us Grace! Would you agree?

I loved your post about husbands. We recently led a fellowship group on love and respect in marriage. I wish I would have had your post then. Well said!

I look forward to coming to your blog often, and hope that you continue to enjoy mine!

The Loveless Family said...

My kids would love to see Thomas and his friends. It looks like the boys had fun.