Wednesday, 7 July 2010

What makes a MAN

I must admit this few weeks has been quite though one for me. There is loads to do on our list following our home will soon be rented out (means we have to keep it clean and tidy), and we are preparing another house to move into (and it require loads of work), and my husband just started his full time position, so here we go... the bottomless to do list!

And then when you and your spouse get so tired, sleep late too much, have no quality dinner, meaningless conversation and literraly shambles into pieces as you trash yourself to bed... sometimes this may cause us to get irritated easily just by simple things. Some people called it "heated domestic discussion", or just simply plain "tension" for no serious reason.

But it does happen recently to us.
Me and my husband not a type who like to disagree to much on each other, but it has gone a little unhealty recently.
But thank God for his Word, I always find comfort and answer no matter what. I want to share with you my recent found recipe of understanding your man!

I never realized how blessed I am to have a husband who is man enough to help me with my responsibilities. My husband does dishes, he will throw in a load (however ill-sorted or over-sized) in the washer for me, he even cooks on occasion for the two of us. He says, "I love you" and says it often. He is man enough to spend time with our children reading books, singing out of tune songs, and hugging them. He is man enough to take a stand on God's Word and preach without compromise. I thank God for giving me a true man.

One thing I did read this morning that was good was this... "Others may not consider (him) a man's man, but (he) will be God's man."

David was considered a man after God's own heart. Did his sexual conquests make him that? NO! Did his wealth make him that? No, Christ was poor and yet He is the ultimate example of manhood. Did his quivers full of children make him that? No, he was considered a man after God's own heart before he ever married. Was it his great power and position of authority? Not likely!

What made David God's man?
He was man enough to put his faith in God.
He was man enough to know that he wasn't man enough without God's help.
He was man enough to know his weaknesses.
He was man enough to seek forgiveness.
He was man enough to forgive.
He was man enough to fear an Almighty God.
He was man enough to serve.
He was man enough to take a stand when it was unpopular.
He was man enough to value God more than his own life.
He was man enough to cry.
He was man enough to love.
He was man enough to grieve.
He was man enough to PRAY.
He was man enough to hide God's Word in his heart...

If you have a husband who is striving to be a man of God, thank God today for him. He is indeed a rare treasure.
Encourage him.
Do what you can to make his job easier.
Thank him!

If you're harboring bitterness because your husband or son doesn't measure up, take it to the Lord. Only God can change the heart of a man.

None of our men are perfect, just as David wasn't perfect. Let's be careful that our pride hasn't convince us that we deserved someone better. Ask yourself this, "Am I the woman God wants me to be?" Then focus on that answer and strive to be a woman of God. God is "Man" enough to take care of your man.

If you are dreaming about what kind of man you wish to marry. Make sure you are holding him up to God's standard. Don't fall into the trap of fairytale dreams. DON'T waste your time with books on romance and manhood.
Study God's Word and set that as your standard. Did you realize that Christ was not considered comely? The "great" Paul the Apostle was physically weak. Moses had a speech impediment. Peter lacked social graces. A real hero is a man who will follow God at all costs, who will stand on God's Word even when its unpopular, who will treat you like the weaker vessel while respecting you as an equal partner, a real man will put his faith in God. A real man knows that it is not he who provides for his family, but God Who provides through his faithfulness to God's calling.

If it's too late for your man in the sense that your marriage is beyond repair. Focus on your sons and daughters, nieces and nephews, the children in your church family. Make sure you are teaching them what it means in God's Word to be a man. Lord willing, the boys will grow up to be God's men and the girls will respect manhood and pray for a man of God to lead her.

What makes a boy a man? Fear and Faith in God.

By Julie Loveless (thank you sister for writting such a beautiful entry), you can read the whole entry here.


The Loveless Family said...

I'm honoured that you would share what I wrote with your readers. What a blessing it is to know that God has used me to bless another. Thank you. And I completely understand what it is to fuss with your husband over unimportant things. May God bless our husbands for loving us in spite of ourselves :o)

betchai said...

beautiful thoughts, words and also photo Jessica.

Ayie said...

Very nice thoughts there... what makes a man... lovely!