Sunday, 29 August 2010

Someday.... my prince will come...

Not exactly, but....
Tirtha uluwatu
Close enough :-)

7 years and counting.
Thank God for another unspeakable gift He had bestow upon me.

Sweeter as the day goes by!

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Decoration shopping

I've been busy with wallpaper shopping and deciding how my new house will look like. How exciting!

Because my living ground floor ceiling is rather low (2.5m high), I choose more cottage like design for my living room, dining room and kitchen. While first floor where is the ceiling a bit higher (3m high), I choise more elegant look.

Here is a few of them that I've already think of.

Living room.

I decided to go one duck egg, eau de nil, and blue tone for wallpapers, curtain, rugs, cushion and furniture.

Dining room.

We decide to choose natural tone with stripey wallpaper. So it looks similar too this except there will be beige/natural hues than blue.

Bedroom 1
I just love the look on this wallpaper and the mirror.

My husband and I have done doing the curtain, and also bought the mirror :-) Below is some more bits and pieces we like to add.

Bedroom 2

I have not decide what to do with the wall, or curtain yet, but sort of decided it would be eau de nil shade.

We still have my son's bedroom to design, but still not sure how the end product going to be like. Meanwhile I am just think hard on the kitchen!

Friday, 20 August 2010

The shortlisted, please help me choose

After considering after the price, I came out with this TWO design as shortlisted. They are priced just about the same and quite affordable.

Now I would really need some help to choose!

And when you help me to choose, please concentrate on the design and not the room layout, or wall colour, because I won't be able to copy exactly the same layout/design this picture represent. I know many people hate the option A because the wall looks so striking, please remember I won't paint my wall striking tosca blue :-)
In addition to that, I won't be having island in my kitchen because is to small (the separate table/unit in the middle of the kitchen).



Let me know what you think, more vote the better :-)
Thank you!

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Happy Birthday INDONESIA!

A special day for my beloved home land! No matter where I am, I am always remember my land, my all, Indonesia!

Tanah Lot

Fire and Kecak

Toraja Children

Mt. Bromo
Mt. Bromo

Borobudur Tample

Lake Toba
Teluk Unta, Lake Toba, Indonesia

Scuba diving Indonesia - Bali - Komodo - Bunaken 2008

Prambanan (Indonesia) - The great temple

MERDEKA, dirgahayu Indonesiaku!
G. Ciremai - 17 Agustus

Monday, 16 August 2010

Castle Howard

Finally I got a chance to sit down and spending a bit of time editting some picture from yorkshire AND for :-)
I really appreciate all your prayers for my dad, he is feeling much better now even though still have to limping around the house.

Here is a few pictures we took while we are at Castle Howard, Yorkshire.
Although this recent week has been rain...and rain.... and rain....thank God for beautiful weather while we are there!



We stayed in a working farm in Bulmer.
Our bedroom overlooking cow meadow with hectars of green pastures. How relaxing.

In the morning (if you woke up early enough) you could pick up your own fresh laid egg for breakfast. And enjoy a full english breakfast here.
We have a first taste of black pudding as well. Although I heard a lot of bad stories about it (partially because it made of blood), it does not taste bad at all. It looks like burnt sausage and taste like mince meat. That's remind me that we had similar dish in Indonesia that made from blood because meat, milk and eggs are unaffordable commodity in villages like mine. And thus, some protein replacement is necessary.

And, before heading home we have another run around the city.


And the highlight of my trip is castle howard beautiful Lavender garden!

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Please pray for my dad...

Last saturday my mom phone me up to let me know my dad need an emergency surgery. Thankfully it was not something serious like heart bypass or brain hemorrage, but rather for his Achilles muscle.

It's no surprise for me that a man his size (100kg++) broke his Achilles tendon at his 60ies. In fact the same old story already happen few years ago with his own brother. His body is to big and the muscle is too weak to support it. He definitely need to go on a diet or else he will loose another Achilles.

But my poor dad has to be hospitalise on his own for 5 days, while my mom had to go back to the village to attend the clinics (can't left the surgery back in the village with no doctor). It must be strange if you are doctor and had to be hospitalise for your own illness. On the other hand, imagining the situation makes me and my sister feel rather "useless" because we are far away and unable to offer any help.

But anyway, he making a good progress and on the way forward for recovery. Please pray for him (and... his diet).

Tuesday, 10 August 2010


Updated as promised!
I am sorry I am slacking on updating my blog. Home renovation just started so we are busy every night and day.


This is three of us in front of York Minister.


And this is a miniature of York Minister in front of the real thing :-)


And then the huggeeee railway museum. The best part is it is FREE!


Will update more on Castle Howard and Yorkshire countryside.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

It's August

Yes, it's just August and yet... no sun in England! How terrible is that? I was still hoping for a nice warm breeze of wind and surrounded by lovely summer holiday makers, instead I am getting 7 days straight of rain, drizzle and cloudy morning sky.

Sometimes it makes me wonder what makes me stay put in England?
I hate the weather. I hate the food. And... I don't really have family here.
So why?

My husband got a good job in SEA (south east asia). I share this with my boss and colleague in office.
In astonishment, they congratulate me and straight away said it was way better than a job in boring London. In their view working in SEA would mean : working in some exotic place, immersing in new culture, enjoying 30 degree temperature year round and spend every weekend on the beach, and living as expat. Btw, I have not mention about pay yet! (It was actually much bigger than 2 other london job he was offered). I knew straight away that my English peers will definitely pack their suitcase and go instantly... without even thinking twice!

But I ask myself.
Why would I stay here if my other half is there?

Recently, my husband reading book titled "Outliers".
Throughout the publication, he discusses how family,
culture, and friendship each play a role in an individual's success, and he
constantly asks whether successful people deserve the praise that we give

It basically summarise that a child can be smart, talented, gifted or even genius but without opportunity, hardwork and encouragement, he/she won't bloom or even worse : using their brain to plotting wrong things such as murder or crime. In fact, the book imples that only 20% of man success determined by talent. The rest is luck (opportunity), social contact, determination and hardwork. Talent is overrated, and hardwork is underrated.

So what is parents' dream?
My dream as parent is so that my son will be more successful than me spiritually and financially. I hope his wife will never have to work, I hope he'll be saved earlier than me and got more influence from Godly people. I want him to go to better university than we do, I want him to get better job and better life. I hope he never need mortgage and can serve the Lord with his money freely without bondage.

Needless to say that my parent (and parent in law) has done the same sacrifice for their children' future. And considering I used to be a village girl from third world country, my parent has done very well to increase my opportunity to get a better life. I remember my life as village girl where choices of basic education is very limited. I remembered my parent small rental house (the kitchen floor was actually dirt!) in front of village surgery. I remembered me, my mom and my sister share a bed and my dad had to sleep on mattress on the floor. They rather save money for their children education than to spend it on buying house, eating out or holiday. And now, I am in England and my sister in Australia reaping what my parent has sown 20 years ago.

So why England?
Me and my husband determine to give our son the best opportunity in life. We are aware that education will cost less here and often on better standard than in SEA. We are aware that as christian we have more freedom here than in Indonesia, where bomb threats are everywhere and the church just have to face it as daily reality.
The Lord may move us elsewhere, but at the moment we determine to try our best to give my son a Brisith citizenship, so when things turn sour politically in Indonesia (it happens before in 1998, whereby my ethnics - chinese Indonesian become the scapegoats, you can read the tragedy here) then he'll have somewhere else to run and save his life.

Love.... really require a lot of sacrifice.