Monday, 16 August 2010

Castle Howard

Finally I got a chance to sit down and spending a bit of time editting some picture from yorkshire AND for :-)
I really appreciate all your prayers for my dad, he is feeling much better now even though still have to limping around the house.

Here is a few pictures we took while we are at Castle Howard, Yorkshire.
Although this recent week has been rain...and rain.... and rain....thank God for beautiful weather while we are there!



We stayed in a working farm in Bulmer.
Our bedroom overlooking cow meadow with hectars of green pastures. How relaxing.

In the morning (if you woke up early enough) you could pick up your own fresh laid egg for breakfast. And enjoy a full english breakfast here.
We have a first taste of black pudding as well. Although I heard a lot of bad stories about it (partially because it made of blood), it does not taste bad at all. It looks like burnt sausage and taste like mince meat. That's remind me that we had similar dish in Indonesia that made from blood because meat, milk and eggs are unaffordable commodity in villages like mine. And thus, some protein replacement is necessary.

And, before heading home we have another run around the city.


And the highlight of my trip is castle howard beautiful Lavender garden!


HOPE said...

What a charming place to stay...and so happy about your father and our answered prayer.

Thank you Jessica for your thoughtful offer to Aubrey. That was so kind of you.

God bless your precious family..

Cath J said...


Mom of M&Ms said...

I love these photographs... I feel like I went on holday with you! THank you so much for sharing. WE continue to pray for your Father.. so thankful that he is getting around!

Cher said...

gosh, i haven't blog for ages and i really missed your awesome photos!

uLi.佑莉 said...

The lavender so nice :)

Liss said...

This looks like it was a nice little getaway. I took my kids to stay on a working dairy farm a few years back and we all loved it. I remember fresh milk and eggs to be a big highlight.