Thursday, 5 August 2010

It's August

Yes, it's just August and yet... no sun in England! How terrible is that? I was still hoping for a nice warm breeze of wind and surrounded by lovely summer holiday makers, instead I am getting 7 days straight of rain, drizzle and cloudy morning sky.

Sometimes it makes me wonder what makes me stay put in England?
I hate the weather. I hate the food. And... I don't really have family here.
So why?

My husband got a good job in SEA (south east asia). I share this with my boss and colleague in office.
In astonishment, they congratulate me and straight away said it was way better than a job in boring London. In their view working in SEA would mean : working in some exotic place, immersing in new culture, enjoying 30 degree temperature year round and spend every weekend on the beach, and living as expat. Btw, I have not mention about pay yet! (It was actually much bigger than 2 other london job he was offered). I knew straight away that my English peers will definitely pack their suitcase and go instantly... without even thinking twice!

But I ask myself.
Why would I stay here if my other half is there?

Recently, my husband reading book titled "Outliers".
Throughout the publication, he discusses how family,
culture, and friendship each play a role in an individual's success, and he
constantly asks whether successful people deserve the praise that we give

It basically summarise that a child can be smart, talented, gifted or even genius but without opportunity, hardwork and encouragement, he/she won't bloom or even worse : using their brain to plotting wrong things such as murder or crime. In fact, the book imples that only 20% of man success determined by talent. The rest is luck (opportunity), social contact, determination and hardwork. Talent is overrated, and hardwork is underrated.

So what is parents' dream?
My dream as parent is so that my son will be more successful than me spiritually and financially. I hope his wife will never have to work, I hope he'll be saved earlier than me and got more influence from Godly people. I want him to go to better university than we do, I want him to get better job and better life. I hope he never need mortgage and can serve the Lord with his money freely without bondage.

Needless to say that my parent (and parent in law) has done the same sacrifice for their children' future. And considering I used to be a village girl from third world country, my parent has done very well to increase my opportunity to get a better life. I remember my life as village girl where choices of basic education is very limited. I remembered my parent small rental house (the kitchen floor was actually dirt!) in front of village surgery. I remembered me, my mom and my sister share a bed and my dad had to sleep on mattress on the floor. They rather save money for their children education than to spend it on buying house, eating out or holiday. And now, I am in England and my sister in Australia reaping what my parent has sown 20 years ago.

So why England?
Me and my husband determine to give our son the best opportunity in life. We are aware that education will cost less here and often on better standard than in SEA. We are aware that as christian we have more freedom here than in Indonesia, where bomb threats are everywhere and the church just have to face it as daily reality.
The Lord may move us elsewhere, but at the moment we determine to try our best to give my son a Brisith citizenship, so when things turn sour politically in Indonesia (it happens before in 1998, whereby my ethnics - chinese Indonesian become the scapegoats, you can read the tragedy here) then he'll have somewhere else to run and save his life.

Love.... really require a lot of sacrifice.


Mom of M&Ms said...

Love does require sacrifice.. but unconditional love makes that scarifice so much easier.. it never seems like a sacrifice.. Look at the love that Jesus has for us.. think of that walk that he took, of the beating, of the cross... Our scarifice for our children and husbands never comes close to that!

Snowcatcher said...

So he's not taking the job in SEA? That is a tremendous sacrifice if so, but I fully understand and agree with your reasons.

Your new banner at the top of your blog is breathtaking, but then again, all your banners (and photography) take my breath away!

HOPE said...

Excellent profound many of your words true.

The last quote...

LOVE...really requires a lot of sacrifice.

And that is what our Precious LORD Jesus did for mankind!!

My husbands motto is..don't move unless GOD directs..don't go for job, status ect. GO for HIM. FIND a BIBLE Believing CHURCh first...start one..but HAVE ONE! amen.

I believe GOD blessed your parents sacrifices to give you BLESSINGS as you trusted HIM as your SAVIOUR. HE knew..the course you would take. Praise the LORD to read of your spiritual are such a JOY to my heart.

God bless all your decisions and desires in the LORD..and for your little one.


J.H said...

@Mom & Hope : amen to that :-) Jesus is our greatest example.

@Snowcatcher : no, my husband will still be going. :')