Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Decoration shopping

I've been busy with wallpaper shopping and deciding how my new house will look like. How exciting!

Because my living ground floor ceiling is rather low (2.5m high), I choose more cottage like design for my living room, dining room and kitchen. While first floor where is the ceiling a bit higher (3m high), I choise more elegant look.

Here is a few of them that I've already think of.

Living room.

I decided to go one duck egg, eau de nil, and blue tone for wallpapers, curtain, rugs, cushion and furniture.

Dining room.

We decide to choose natural tone with stripey wallpaper. So it looks similar too this except there will be beige/natural hues than blue.

Bedroom 1
I just love the look on this wallpaper and the mirror.

My husband and I have done doing the curtain, and also bought the mirror :-) Below is some more bits and pieces we like to add.

Bedroom 2

I have not decide what to do with the wall, or curtain yet, but sort of decided it would be eau de nil shade.

We still have my son's bedroom to design, but still not sure how the end product going to be like. Meanwhile I am just think hard on the kitchen!


CathJ said...

Great taste!!!! Can't wait to see the outcome.. (You going to share right?? ;-p)

all the best...ain

HOPE said...

Such a lovely CALMING color theme. Excellent choice Jessica. It is going to be such a HAPPY Sweet Home!!!

As we say here in the US..


I too am so happy for you to be so blessed..ENJOY every moment.


Stardust said...

Yo! How exciting planning and realising the place! That's plenty of effort but I know that your family is enjoying the revamp process.

Great taste overall, you should be thankful for staying in Britain becos of their variety of merchandize. Great catalogues, where's the website? In Japan, it's difficult to source for tasteful home wares unless it's Tokyo.

Mom of M&Ms said...

I want to move in... Beautiful

Ayie said...

very nice and pleasant colors and it's so cool to look at, great work!