Monday, 20 September 2010

A Look Within

It's interesting how the Lord speak to us - His children.
In the middle of hectic schedule, lots of adjustment, stressful day at home and at work, my Lord has brought this book to my attention.

Everyone knows I am not an avid reader. This book has been given by Abbie Nicholson, my dear sister and helper in the Lord many months ago (or probably a year ago). But, in my laziness, I just discover it again today after unpacking tons of box and decide to have a read.
And it really blesses me - praise the Lord.

A lot of time I don't like to read christian book, especially the one that originated from US (no offence to my American friends).
Why? because many of them sounded unlogical and many times - bossy.
It is wrong if you are a woman and wear trousers, if you work in the office, if you can't bake and your children clothes are not ironed, if you have high education - that's very unlogical to me. The Lord never judge what we wear, He judge our hearts. The Lord even commanded everyone to labour with their own hand, otherwise one should not eat. The bible never mention about being good cooks either! In fact the first woman on the bible that I remember as a good cooks is Martha. And I hate christian who refuse to learn anything else outside religious matter - ignorance and laziness is not a Godly character. God gave us brain and talent, therefore use it!
Coming from a different cultural background, all this assumption is a GREAT stumbling block in my daily walk with Christ. I saw quite a bit of "baptist fundamentalist wives" who going about why my husband did house work, why I didn't do homeschooling, why I would allow my daughter to have a degree, but they still make a joke about their husband, yell at home, critizised someone less spiritual, and very loud in church. So I had decided to choose bible over all these books or people.
Now don't get me wrong, I never said it's wrong not to go to school, to crazy about being a homemaker, to wear skirt or to homeschool your children. I knew a lot of my blogger friends who if I put on their shoes I will do exactly the same. In fact, ms Loveless - her blog is one of my favorite, always explain logically the reason of her action. It's not important to execute the action, what's important is the motive behind doing the action. They have their hearts for the Lord and for their family, that's what's important.

Having to read "A Look Within", I really changes my mind about reading Christian books. The book talks a lot about our heart attitude to be humble, meek, slow to speak, submissive, less self adorn and self centred, kind hearted and strive to please our husband and the Lord. It does not say what you should or should not wear, what you should do at home or at work but rather to surrender to the Lord, pray about certain area in our lives and accept things we can't change.

This book - instead of sounded "all knowing" - it leaves a lot of room for thought and conviction, and instead the author do all the talking, she leaves it to the Lord.
This book really remind me of my friend - Abbie Nicholson.
Interestingly, she is one of a type that have a little say about anything and undomeneering at home or in conversation - but in fact this character that makes me curious. She had never yell, polite and respect her husband, patient to her children, slow to anger, a good listener in church. She is never be judgemental on what I wear or which cultural background I came from, instead she prayed for me, she listen to me, she tries to understand my circumstances, instead of critizising - she encourage me, having her as my friend is one of the best God gift for me, and a woman I am striving to be.

And more importantly, this book has prepared me to be left alone as my husband will be away for a long period of time - that is to rest upon the Lord and accepting things He laid for our life.
If you happen to be interested on this book. Here is where you can get it.


Mom of M&Ms said...

WOW!! I am off to get this book.. As an American, I agree with you that the "rules of church" here have gotten way to far away from the bible..Your words are my words. Thank you for saying them and for sharing them with others. You will be in my prayers as your husband is away. Blessings to you!

Aubrey said...

I know how you feel...I probably doubted my salvation over those very issues...before I found comfort in knowing that God isn't interested in people's works as much as He's interested in people's hearts!

I would love to find that book you mentioned and read it.

Now for some exciting news to share!!! My husband got orders to GERMANY and we are moving next year! YAY!!! I'm so we may actually get to meet in person after cool would that be??? We'll have to pray about that! :) I will post about our orders soon! My email is

Stardust said...

Thank you for sharing on the book. =)
Personally, I've yet come across books that are too obtruding and they're mostly referenced to the bible. A little surprized that there're books with specific notion on women..

Fortunately, we will always have the bible and the holy spirit. =D