Thursday, 2 September 2010

The way to go on celebrating anniversary.

Yes, it was our 7th anniversary!
And this year, unlike many other years whereby it celebrated by fancy dinner, we decide to do something - just the two of us, but quite different.

We decide to hired a big van - something that my husband had never drive.
We went picking up some ebay bargain furnitur - just saves us hundreds of ££.
We went to pick up our son in a van! - He was soooo thrilled, he thinks his dad is cool. I really can't forget the big grin on his face as he sat in the van.
We went to IKEA for dinner and shopping some furniture.
We move our furniture up till 12 midnight.
On the way home, grab some macDonald and coke, then went to bed :-)

Apparently, both of us really enjoy it. We had a great "team building" time!

I must admit I have a big problem going for fancy dinner.
1. Normally dinner starts pretty late, at 7 or so... I am already dead hungry.
2. When I am hungry I can't think, and normally fancy dinner chef is rather slow... well, they are meant to be slow so you can enjoy the ambience - that's what your are paying for.
3. Sadly most fancy dinner size is about a pea on the middle of humongous plate.
4. I can sweep the dinner within 10 minutes of its arrival, due to hunger.
5. Can't stop thinking about my son with someone else.
6. As a result, after a total of 1 hour of waiting and only spending 20 minutes or so to eat, we left with huge bill and... still grumbling tummy. End up buying macDonald to fill the gap.

This year, I spend more money on my anniversary but that translate to 3 wardrobes and a dining table. Definetely will do it again next year!


Snowcatcher said...

We like to make our own dinner for our special occassions, so I think it is totally cool you did yours your own way. I also didn't like leaving my kids behind when I was still a young parent, so I'm glad your son went along and enjoyed the ride in the big van!

HOPE said...

You go girl!! that is it in a nutshell...and look at the precious memories you have of your VAN and trip to IKEA (love that store!) and the little ones expression and happiness...let alone McDonalds...

God bless you on your ANNIVERSARY!

AG said...

wait till u eat the steak in aston, je. That can feed a cow.. *that is a nice way to say, me, hahahaha* and a kuli... *that is a nice way to say, you, hahahaha*

Stardust said...

Aww... I'm glad you document the 7th celebration. Any way is special enough to celebrate between a loving couple! I don't think I can enjoy a fancy dinner leaving my kid somewhere too. ;)

Gotta praise your hubby for all that hardwork!

CathJ said...

That is lovely.. :)

Aubrey said...

awww Happy Anniversary! Sounds like you had fun...I LOVE IKEA!!!

I have prayed for your pastor and family! I hope things are going better.

My husband is requesting a move to Germany for our next duty station. We are praying God's will we get to....and of course that would most definitely mean a trip to England. We're hoping for more opportunities to see other places if we get Germany! I'm really excited!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Ayie said...

happy anniversary to both of you!!

The Loveless Family said...

Sounds like fun. My husband and I will be married seven years this next April. Where does the time go?
There is nothing better than time together AND a great bargain!

Right now, I'm waiting for Keith to return with some pizza for our date night. The children are asleep and we hope to watch a movie together.