Tuesday, 12 October 2010

When you know you are loved...

Last week I was ill.

I know it was just a matter of time.

First my son, then obviously me come next on the queue. Not very difficult to guess. But something is different. For the first time I experience how hard it is to live alone when you are not well, and let alone entertaining a toddler.

But I am so blessed.

The Lord always send someone on my way. So a friend of mine - Mia, come over to cook for me all weekend and taking care of my boy. Her plan of staying 1 night becomes 2 night since I was ill and even have to skip church. She does not even have a car, yet she take all the trouble coming down with public transport to my house.

Not only that, it was actually my husband's birthday that weekend - unfortunately he is physically far from us, but that does not stop us from celebrating.
Thoughtful Mia even provide the birthday cake!


So never mind the birthday boy is NOT around, we help him to celebrate ANYWAY.

This guy, a new friend of mine - quite a character as you can see.
He is the representative of the birthday boy who is absent on the day. He might look "bule" (westerner) but deep inside he is more Indonesian than any of us! That's what 5 years in Indonesia made you, a change inside out :-)


And then we pose with the cake! Josiah looks a bit clueless on what's happening.


But, he insist this is his birthday cake (which is not, that is my birthday cake from Julie!) He nearly drop that cake because he tilt it so much so that I could take its picture.


It's been 2 weeks now.

I miss my husband and Josiah miss his dad. But we are NOT giving up the battle, with the Lord we are doing great! He has sustained us this far never feel sad or crumble mentally. He always send us someone our way to cheer us up. In fact we are doing pretty good. He kept me busy, kept my son busy, and we thank God for it. And yesterday is our first time video converencing with my husband, boy my son was sooo thrilled.

I guess it's feel great to know that you are loved....

especially loved by the Lord Jesus.


Marfa said...

Hope all is better...what good friends you have!!! That is such a pretty cake. Where is your husband? Working?

Merryn said...

u stay strong there and such a blessing to have a good friend in Mia. Hugs...

Aubrey said...

Oh you poor dear!!! You have a very good friend indeed! The cakes look lovely. Praying for you and hoping you are feeling better today! ~Aubrey

HOPE said...

AMEN...the LOVE of the LORD JESUS is the greatest of all and everpresent!!!

so sorry to know you were ill...and too far for my help...

so thankful the LORD put these wonderful friends in your midst to help..and CELEBRATE..how cute..

Happy Birthday!!!


Snowcatcher said...

It is indeed very wonderful to know you are loved, both by your family, and by God. I'm glad you have Josiah so you arent' totally alone. And you know that all of your readers are with you in heart, even though they can't come over and give you a hug when you are lonely...

Stardust said...

Indeed J, that's exactly how I experience God's love too! Everytime when I feel the most needy, God sends tender reminders that I'm not alone and He's watching over me. Never give up there, especially you're this loved by Jesus. Hope that you and your boy are well recovered already!

CathJ said...

So good to have such a friend... :)