Monday, 15 November 2010

At last, a written post!

Yes, one of this day I told myself I will write my thought on the blog and never get round to it.
It's been quiet and busy week at the same time. I am loaded with juggling among household chores, school run, tuition run, and work! Yes I almost forgot I still have work to do.

Thank you for all the prayer, my husband continues to enjoys his work tremendously, and my son really doing well in school. I can't never be happier to watch people I love smile :-)
On other side of the note, my parents in law calling me pretty often now. I am "pleasantly" surprised with their effort and concern. Strange enough that my husband absence really knit me well into his family, now that I can comfortably talk to them for quite a long time about... anything.

Few weeks ago, I make a new acquintances, a few other mums from Josiah's school. Having send my boy to fee-paying school, I am truly aware who I might met. So, not long after that a lunch invitation arrive. I am a bit apprehensive at first because few of my colleagues who sent her kids to private school did told me about "a lot of show off" going on during this kind of events.
No doubt none of my new friends have a house with a number!! When I arrive at her house, it was a £1.1 millon pound worth of 6 bedroom cottage with massive garden. Mind you, she does not even work at the moment.
But thankfully, this bunch of people with no house number that I've met, none of them sounded arrogant or look down at me (because I still need to work, and they don't). In fact, they proudly said they still enjoy macDonald as a type of luxury since they hardly eat out.... and they even sort of joking about their husband job (one of them was a director of food chain company, his wife said he smell like fish all the time. Just like fish and chip seller really, only with more salary).
The bottom line is, I am glad I came to the lunch!

The other day me and Josiah have a chat.
I asked him : "Josiah, where does the milk come from?"
Josiah : "Cow."
Me : "Now.... where does the eggs come from?"
Josiah : "Chicken!"
Me : "This is the difficult one, where does the chicken come from?"
Josiah :
finally after a long pause he said : "Sainsbury!"

fyi : Sainsbury is a grocery store equivalent to wallmart in US or NTUC in singapore.


MaryAnn Ashley said...

I'm glad that you had a lovely time... Josiah is getting so big. I have missed visiting you regularly and was happy catching up.

Stardust said...

Josiah is sooo cute! I'm glad that you're juggling well and happy with new friends, aren't they precious. Should you ever run into snobbish successful people, it can be quite amusing watching how they boast about wealth while actually they are borrowing from God.

Aubrey said...

So glad you ended up going and enjoying your lunch!! I would sure love to see that garden though!!! And cottage's have that many bedrooms???? heehee...have a great weekend~ Aubrey