Monday, 13 December 2010

No gift for Christmas

Well in fact, there is no tree, no lights, no santa, no decoration for our Christmas.
Yes, you didn't hear it wrong. 7 years of my marrige, never be any single tree nor gifts in our household. Btw, nothing wrong with all of that decorating do's... but I hope you can read my story with open mind, this entry is never meant to be an insult to anyone about their Christmas habits.

Ok, back to topic.
It might have sound a bit extreme to some extent.

But let me tell you my Christmas story.

When I grew up, my grand mother used to put on one mighty big white christmas trees in the living room. It was so tall it reaches to the ceiling (Which is pretty high for a 4 year old really). She'll spend the whole day to pitch it and decorate it with 2 big box of item and added cotton wool on it's branches (as the snow). Looking at the tree's fancy decoration is my past time favorite.
Not only that, she'll decorate her house with all sort of misletoe, hanging thing, glittey stuff, christmasy figurine, gift socks, wrap numerous presents, even to the extend telling us to put on grass on shoes for santa's reindeer!
Christmas is such a big do.

Years pass by, soon I was 15.
My grandmother pass away in November.

After that christmas was... a little different. There is no more tree, no more lights, no presents, there is nothing really to celebrate. The house was suddenly feel.... well... empty.

But that christmas...
I discover someone. I met someone that my Christian friend has told me hundrends of times.
Someone that has been hidden and buried under all the christmas decoration, presents, lights, and all those nonsense.

That someone was Jesus!

After 15 long years of being lost, I finally found the greatest gift in my life. I knew Jesus - preacher talk about Him every week, but it's all in my head and never be in my heart.
I decide to give Christ the steering wheel on my life. Give Him the control over my money, my time, my future and my choice. I repent from my worldly life and give Him my all. I had never knew it was that sweet to be forgiven. He gave me a purpose in my life. I couldn't ever been happier.

And I do wonder what kept me that long to find Jesus?

Then, I realise how much "other things" has HINDER me to find Him.
To see Him.
And to search for Him.

Every Christmas... all I care is about my gift, what do I get for Christmas, what do I buy so-and-so for christmas, oh... there is christmas celebration to prepare, what's on the menu for christmas, what new clothes should I wear and those kind of stuff.
So no wonder it is DIFFICULT to see what is there behind all this? is it me? is it commercialism? is it santa?

No doubt the world is trying their best to delude people not to know what is christmas all about, preventing people to get convicted on their knees and weep for their sins. Many people even called it X-mas, removing Christ from the equation.

Thankfully, I only wasted 15 years and not more!

I often wonder, when Christ born in this world, He knows he'll be suffering on the cross of Calvary for someone else's sin. He knew he'll die for us - his enemy. He must be really hurt to see some people only knew His name as swear word! But yet, He did it anyway!
There is nothing happy about Christmas, in fact I wept with sorrow as I imagining how much heartache Lord Jesus has to bear for me! - can you imagine if you are born with a mission to die a horrible death to save your enemy?

A lot of people, thinks all this Christmas mumbo jumbo is the things necessary year to year. But I am speaking from my own experience.

So after I get married. Both me and my husband decided there should be no hinderance for our children to find Christ in our house. I will only start to pitch christmas tree or whatever else AFTER the whole house accepted Christ as their Saviour. He is what Christmas is all about - at the moment.... everything else can wait.


HOPE said...
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Keri Ann said...

I think that is lovely. I agree with you,

but in my home we still decorate, I teach my children the meaning of Christmas and it symbols.
the evergreen tree: ever lasting life with it's needles pointing always to heaven.
The wreath: signifying eternal life
The candy cane: is the shepherds cane always leading us back to the fold.
The color red. The sacrifice that Jesus made for us.
White: is the sweetness of the atonement and cleansing of our sins.
The star: to tell us all of the birth of our redeemer.
The bell: to ring sweet praises of joy
The presents: to remind us of the gift the Christ gave to each of us, through his atonement.
The Christmas light: reminding us that Jesus is the light and life of the world and only through him can we see correctly.

Each Christmas Eve we read out of the bible the Christmas story and then we write down a gift. A sin or something we will change or want to do better for the coming year. Then we wrap them and hang them on the tree.

Merry Christmas :)

Anonymous said...

Amen! Jesus is the reason for the season. JennyG (Greetings from Singapore)

Stardust said...

I totally get you J. It's totally queer why people would even make a big hoohaa out of Christmas, while rejecting the message behind. A pastor reminded us that 'he whois not against us is for us', and we're praying that those who do not hate Christmas, do come to see the light of God after all. And know that the biggest gift is not found under the Christmas tree, but on the cross. Amen. Still I'm hoping that you'll enjoy the Christmas cheer.