Saturday, 26 February 2011

The broken planes

Today I decided to take an off day from work.

Ok, today is indeed saturday. But remember I need to work as many saturday as possible this whole 3 month (refer to my earlier post).

Anyway, today turn to be the day the Lord humbled me the most.

We went for piano lesson, both me and my son did pretty well this morning. We are equally enthusiastic to beat each other as who is going home with more songs - and this morning it was a tie! Then we head to see the Pavitts, our missionary friend in Corby. Mrs Pavitts had recently done a big surgery to remove her breast cancer (again, refer to my previous entry). Although she is still in a lot of pain and unable to use her hand, we are thankful to those who read this blog and has been faithfully praying for her. Her scan reading was clear, that means the cancer has not spread elsewhere and she does not need to do any chemo.

I probably blog about the Pavitts before. But I thought it worth mentioning who are they again. Colin Pavitt was an alcoholic before the Lord saved him and give him a new life. Years later he was called to preach and wedded Rosalind, who was he met in bible college. They had a daugther from their marriage - whom already home with the Lord in such a tender age. They had never had any children since. But the sorrow of losing their only daughter does not stop them to serve the Lord. Pastor Pavitt then had problem with his sight which doctors couldn't do anything about and he was declared partially blind a few years ago. And this year, his wife found a lump on her breast and had to go on complete mastectomy.

To cut the story short, me and my son comes to visit them today. The idea is to accompany and encourage them. Little did I know that it will work the other way around.
While I was around to accompany Rosalind, pastor Pavitt make use of the opportunity to run to town and distribute few hundred tracts. Then when he came back, he took us to KFC and treat us for dinner. Later on back to the house, he was packing some little gift he had for my son... some coloured pencil, colouring books and a few puzzles. But not satisfied with that, he run upstair and came back with 2 delicate looking model aeroplane in his hand.

I thought, he couldn't be letting Josiah play with those. That's does not look like toys, in fact it looks expensive! - let alone a toy for 4 year old rough lad. Probably he just going to show Josiah some of his collection (yes, Pastor Pavitt loves aeroplane). But to my surprise, not only he allowed Josiah to touch them, he was actually giving those to him. In my disbelief, I confronted him, "Are you sure Pastor? Sure enough my son will break those if you give it to him". But he was so sure and there is no way I can say no. He packed those things inside a box and let my jumpy little man have it.

Now my boy is lying like a log on his bed from tiredness. I had a chance to see those 2 aeroplane up close. Carefully, I stroke them with my hand to see the beautiful detailing underneath some old dust. And after a few minutes I realise, these planes was not perfect, one missing it's propeller and the other one missing it's tail light.

The thought suddenly strikes me - how this imperfect aeroplanes has reflect the condition of the giver.

The Pavitts probably is not the most fortunate people in the world - at least from my human eyes.
At 40 something, they are still living in small rented property in some dodgy estate. From the things they do and kept inside the house - I can tell clearly that they are pretty thrifty people on themselves and try to get by with as little spending as possible. Their clothes looks not colour coordinated and worn well. They only have 1 main meals a day, and they does not use much heating. Certainly not the way I would hope myself and my family to be in the next 10 years or so. And to add on that, he has lost one of his eye sight and on the way to lose the other one. And then her wife fell ill with cancer.
But yet, this kind of imperfection in their life is what makes them more beautiful than any other humanly "perfect" Christian I met.

Put it this way. I have 2 good eyes, yet I read less bible than a man with only 1 good eyes and on the way of losing the other. I have one healthy body, yet I serve the Lord less than a woman with cancer. I had a job, my husband earn well, we went to holiday around the globe, we had more than 1 property, yet our giving is easily beaten by a husband and wife who lived in rented property and having little to eat. How often we saw the "less-fortunate-than-I" person who lived more Godly life than us?

God helps us.


So now, those aeroplane with missing pieces, sitting on my boy window sill - proclaiming a great faith of a hand of imperfect man, who the Lord... has made perfect.
O Lord, how I am truly humbled.

And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me. - 2 Cor 12:9

Friday, 11 February 2011

Wedding shots - Ji Liong & Dion (part 2)

The reception















And a good time was had by all!


Wedding shots - Ji Liong & Dion (part 1)

It has been a great blessing for me to be able to attend the wedding of Dji Ji Liong and Dion Natalia in Graphe Independent Baptist Church in Jakarta (Indonesia). Not only they are a lovely and God fearing couple, but I also have the chance to work on my rusty photography skill. You see, I have not been taking any interesting shots since a few months back in our last holiday in Turkey. Anyway, I'll let the pictures do the talking. Enjoy.

For this cause shall a man leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife: and they twain shall be one flesh?
Matthew 19:5


The preparations




The procession





The service



















Thursday, 10 February 2011


These few weeks has been very strange to me.
Read this as good surprises between the line, but it was just something I can't exactly explained.

First was happening at my workplace. I suppose to go back to work fulltime next month - visa and income is the bottomline. It will be nice one day I don't have to think of all this.
I was discussing with my husband few weeks ago that I wanted to take an unpaid leave to accompany him back in south east asia during long summer break - but I am worried about the minimum income requirement for applying permanent resident, which is due next year.

Then...a week ago this big boss from Germany suddenly said we need more workforce in UK... badly! However, it has proven quite difficult to fish for talents in our niche field, hence they resort for us to work extra hour...paid!
I know this may not be an ideal situation for many, but for me it was an answer prayer. For me working on saturday is not such a big deal (especially when it is paid!). I mean, I've experience much worse stuff. During my working days in singapore, overtime (until midnight), weekend job, only merely rewarded with a taxi voucher or thank you lunch. While in UK, the number of my overtime (that is until 7pm) can be counted using fingers on one hand. Secondly, my company has already allow me to do part time for few months to ease me on childcare issue. So... I reckon it is time to return the favour.

Not only that, recently I also found the perfect housemate. Yes, not satisfied being a landlord, I decided to rent out one out of 3 bedroom in my house. Call me greedy - but I feel it is odd if I just use 1 bedroom and locked out the other 2 - what a waste. But I am very particular about looking for one. So after months of waiting, the Lord finally decided it is time to introduce me to my new housemate. I did state on my advert I only accept female professional, with no benefits, no pets, no car (very difficult to park 2 car in front of my house) and non smoker. However, what I get even beyond my own expectation, not only she is female professional with no car, no pets, not smoking and no benefits, she is also a christian! what a blessing :-)

Anyway, I did actually plan to close this blog. But again, God overturn my plan... and here I am sharing the proof of his faithfulness - yet again.
God bless.


Monday, 7 February 2011

When something happen to someone you love...

Pain and suffering is a part of up and downs in life.
Yet no matter how much we encounter it in our life, we seems to have to learn it altogether again - everytime. The shock. The disappointment. The grieve. But of course - the Hope and the Courage! Thanks be unto the Lord Jesus.

And what can be harder than facing unfortunate things happens in our own life? that must be watching our loved one to suffer.
Last week we've learned our beloved pastor's wife suffer from breast cancer. They are not clear about how much it has spread. Our hearts were broken to see such a lovely couple would have to face such trial. But the Lord remind us of Job - despite all the sufferings he encounter, he clearly knows who is in control!


Please pray for her as she undergo a major surgery this thursday. Prayers do wonders. Especially those that said by the saints - those forgiven sinners.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Should I close my blog?

I've been thinking about this for awhile.
Mainly because in my new life (which not quite so new anymore) I have more things to do - it's natural that I come to forget and abandon things that is not as critical.

Namely - my blog.

People said everyone have a their own life, but to live your live is to choose the right priority for things around you. 2 days ago, I just found out that I may need work back fulltime and work on Saturday (paid, don't worry... my employer is very generous on this). So not only I have to juggle between housework, church, taking care of my son, taking him to lesson... I'll be soon have LESS time to do them.

I know now I even browsing internet lesser than ever. If you notice, I hardly leave comment on my favourites blogs anymore.
So, I've been thinking, would it be best if I stop blogging?