Thursday, 10 February 2011


These few weeks has been very strange to me.
Read this as good surprises between the line, but it was just something I can't exactly explained.

First was happening at my workplace. I suppose to go back to work fulltime next month - visa and income is the bottomline. It will be nice one day I don't have to think of all this.
I was discussing with my husband few weeks ago that I wanted to take an unpaid leave to accompany him back in south east asia during long summer break - but I am worried about the minimum income requirement for applying permanent resident, which is due next year.

Then...a week ago this big boss from Germany suddenly said we need more workforce in UK... badly! However, it has proven quite difficult to fish for talents in our niche field, hence they resort for us to work extra hour...paid!
I know this may not be an ideal situation for many, but for me it was an answer prayer. For me working on saturday is not such a big deal (especially when it is paid!). I mean, I've experience much worse stuff. During my working days in singapore, overtime (until midnight), weekend job, only merely rewarded with a taxi voucher or thank you lunch. While in UK, the number of my overtime (that is until 7pm) can be counted using fingers on one hand. Secondly, my company has already allow me to do part time for few months to ease me on childcare issue. So... I reckon it is time to return the favour.

Not only that, recently I also found the perfect housemate. Yes, not satisfied being a landlord, I decided to rent out one out of 3 bedroom in my house. Call me greedy - but I feel it is odd if I just use 1 bedroom and locked out the other 2 - what a waste. But I am very particular about looking for one. So after months of waiting, the Lord finally decided it is time to introduce me to my new housemate. I did state on my advert I only accept female professional, with no benefits, no pets, no car (very difficult to park 2 car in front of my house) and non smoker. However, what I get even beyond my own expectation, not only she is female professional with no car, no pets, not smoking and no benefits, she is also a christian! what a blessing :-)

Anyway, I did actually plan to close this blog. But again, God overturn my plan... and here I am sharing the proof of his faithfulness - yet again.
God bless.



The Loveless Family said...

God is so good!

CathJ said...

It's a blessing to read how God keep on answering your prayers..

In a way I am so motivated..:D

Mom of M&Ms said...

I love tha tyou are still blogging.. and that you are sharing how God keeps mov9ng in your life!!! Praise JEsus!