Monday, 7 February 2011

When something happen to someone you love...

Pain and suffering is a part of up and downs in life.
Yet no matter how much we encounter it in our life, we seems to have to learn it altogether again - everytime. The shock. The disappointment. The grieve. But of course - the Hope and the Courage! Thanks be unto the Lord Jesus.

And what can be harder than facing unfortunate things happens in our own life? that must be watching our loved one to suffer.
Last week we've learned our beloved pastor's wife suffer from breast cancer. They are not clear about how much it has spread. Our hearts were broken to see such a lovely couple would have to face such trial. But the Lord remind us of Job - despite all the sufferings he encounter, he clearly knows who is in control!


Please pray for her as she undergo a major surgery this thursday. Prayers do wonders. Especially those that said by the saints - those forgiven sinners.


CathJ said...

Oh man.. Now a days, pastor's wife seems become the 1 victim..

Our pastor's wife was attacked by high blood, collapse and coma for months.. and prayers do wonders.. she woke up from coma recently.. still not stabilize but showing improvement..

Will bring this into prayers..

The Loveless Family said...

I will be praying. Satan's attacks against God's church can come from the outside, a lack of unity inside, but it seems so often he attacks the health of the pastor's wife or some other family member. It happen to my mother and father when I was sixteen. My Mom had a very long battle with Leukemia. But, Praise the Lord, she is still serving the Lord at my Dad's side 18 years later. Prayer truly IS power.