Friday, 22 April 2011

My Consultant is HOME!!!

I initially tempted to title this entry "my soldier is HOME!". Alas, I realise being consultant there is nothing to comparison of being a soldier - except for being deployed far from home often, that's it.

Anyway, yes... after 4 months of work and deadlines, my consultant is home for easter. I would like to thank those who has been praying for him and our family all this while. It's been 8 months since we adopt a lifestyle of "skype" family - eat dinner together (via skype), have a webcam kiss and hug, even my son invent how to do hide and seek using a webcam!

While many people tend to sound pitiful on the way we lived. I should said me and my family is VERY fortunate. First, me, my husband and my son has this grace from the Lord to be able to accept things that we can't change - this means no one complains about the situation, just flow and enjoy the ride. Secondly, if the same circumstances happens 50 years ago before internet and skype are widely used, we may have a complete different story. And when the time has come, we are looking forward to be reunited as a family not via skype!

Other update round about our family life : my son now has officially played piano with both hands. He reads notes much faster than me - mainly to the fact he can read notes first before he can read alphabet, so his brain translate notes into place on the keys faster. So, we had 1st grader and 4rth grader (that's me) competing for teachers attention now.

And also, yesterday was my son's last day with the his childminder who has been caring for him for more than 3 years.
It's never easy to say goodbye. Harder on me than on him - Julie is a gift from the Lord. She is a great childminder and a great friend alike.
But, a "goodbye" means there will be a "hello" elsewhere. Josiah will be starting his school fulltime this May!

The other big update is about my work situation. The parent company in Germany decided to either close our office in UK or sell it off. It's not the nicest situation to be, but I give thanks to my Lord for I know who holds tomorrow, and I know who holds my hand.
I've been to worse situation than this years ago, and God turn all the cards around and it immerse to be a substantial blessing.

So, that's my updates. I'll be enjoying more spring weather and will soon updates you with more pictures! Meanwhile, I bid you all a wonderful resurrection day!



Marfa said...

Yeah! It's good to be a family. Is he home for good? Or just for this weekend? May you have a bright and joyous celebration of our Lord's Resurrection!!!

CathJ said...

Happy for you ^_^... and the pic are sooo beautiful...

Luxeaholic said...

Your son's so grown up now! Hope all's well at home.